uPVC Top Hung Door and Window

uPVC Top Hung Door and Window Manufacturer

Top hung windows don’t only give a contemporary, classy look but also provide weather tight construction. These windows can be custom made for the uniqueness of your home sweet home. These windows always keep the heat away during summer, so your place stays cool, comfortable and compact. These windows are versatile, yet stylish! Can be paired with basements, gliding, bow or bay and other designs. These are absolutely perfect for India's weather & climatic changes. These windows also provide the very best seal protection.

As these windows come in different shapes, sizes and styles, they can suit any interior design! Top hung windows have now become great alternatives for traditional windows, so if you’re looking to notch up your home décor, choosing top hung windows is a great step. And for that, you’d need Promiplast, they provide high functional, top quality and aesthetically pleasing uPVC top hung windows that will go perfectly with any architectural creation. The materials that they use are genuine, ecofriendly and recyclable. Their products have heat and rain protection. These windows are even perfect for coastal homes as they are chemical and saltwater resistant. Promiplast even gives a warranty of 20 years! You’ll have a wide range to choose from. Absolutely classy and high standard structures made for you!

Why Promiplast uPVC Doors & Windows?

  • Promiplast offers noise proof uPVC windows and doors to live a peaceful life
  • Our advanced uPVC windows and doors provide extreme insulation from rain and wind
  • Our uPVC does not peel, warp, or crack even when the UV rays are harsh
  • We manufacture recyclable and environment friendly products
  • Longest durability, we offer 20 years warranty on entire range of products
  • Our uPVC is saltwater and chemical resistant which makes it perfect for coastal homes
  • Wide range of products to fulfil all architectural requirements