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In this strenuous world of constant hurry, deadlines and schedules, our homes become the safest place to unwind and seek comfort, after a long day. Therefore, it is essential for your homes to be warm, welcoming, comforting and a bright place where you can truly relax and be yourself and spend some precious moments with your loved ones. The doors and windows of your house are not just mere parts required for ventilation and movement. These two components can breathe life and light into your home and living spaces, which adds to your comfort and fulfillment and creates a safe haven for you and your loved ones. We are known to be the Best Window and Door Manufacturer In Kolkata and our UPVC Doors and Windows not only ensure your safety but it also grants you the comfort and warmth you seek.

We at Promiplast, aim to serve you with great experiences and products that enhance and improve the quality of your life. We aim to turn your home into an inviting and safe living space, with the help of our innovative and environment friendly technologies, which not only enables you to lead a comfortable and secure life with your loved ones but also reduces your carbon footprint. Reach out to us today!

Promiplast Doors and Windows: About Us

Promiplast Doors and Windows are known to be the best in the industry, when it comes to groundbreaking and innovative technology, safety and security. We are prominent in the UPVC windows and doors industry and we have been serving our clients with dedication and quality services since 2016. We take pride in our services and our professionals only deliver quality products that meet our standards and leave you content.

We aim to make your life comfortable and easy, just how you want it to be! And we ensure the same with our high quality products equipped with modern technology and attractive designs that transform your living space and grant you an environment where you and your loved ones can relax and flourish. Unlike traditional windows and doors, our products are manufactured keeping all your needs and requirements in mind. We are not limited in designs and our products can fit right into your living space with ease.

We customize doors and windows and equip them with innovative technology so that they can blend in with your house, enhance the quality of your lifestyle and also help you save your precious resources. We manufacture noise and chemical proof, water and dust proof and environmental friendly products that have the ability to withstand the changing climate and weather conditions effectively and in an excellent manner.

Our multi step quality checking policy and testimonials from our previous satisfied and happy clients add to our credibility. Give us a call today if you are looking to transform and brighten your living spaces and enjoy a comfortable and warm stay.

Our Products

You make your house safer and more protected from extreme weather conditions by selecting the right and compatible window design. The appropriate selection of window design can help you save your interior from rain, heat, dust, pollution, etc.

Benefits of UPVC Doors and Windows

Promiplast is known for its quality and durability. We are the best Windows and Doors Manufacturer in Kolkata. With the help of our eco-friendly and modern technology you can optimally and consciously use your monetary and energy resources. Promiplast can help you take one step to better our environment and reduce your carbon footprint, ensuring your comfort and safety at the same time. Here are the reasons why you should consider installing UPVC doors and windows and bring in the necessary changes, which will surely help you contribute to the environment and also lead a better lifestyle:

Noise Proof

The traffic, unwanted constructions or a party near your home blaring out their music system, noise pollution affects our lives on a daily basis. If you live in a hustling busy city, keeping the noise out of your sweet home can turn into an issue. We all require some quiet solitude at the end of the day and the penetrating noise from the windows can truly leave a negative impact over a period of time. Our UPVC windows can promise you a stable, calm and quiet living space where you can enjoy your solitude or some quiet evenings with your loved ones. Our window systems are designed to keep the noise out of your living space. The unwanted noise cannot infiltrate your home. Our window systems can reduce the sound transmission up to 40db when equipped with our recommended glazing and hardware.

Comfortable and Cozy Living Space

The traditional windows do not contribute in regulation of the heating and cooling of your home according to the changing climate and weather. Promiplast windows are equipped with intelligent and efficient technology that can help regulate the atmosphere of your home. Controlling the climate of your house becomes easy when you install UPVC windows and doors. It will also help you save your resources and you will be able to use your energy in an optimal manner. Our UPVC windows are designed to be winter friendly and trap the heat in, according to the changing seasons. Your home will be cooler and safe from the harsh yellow summer days, as well. Our products make sure you live comfortably and cozily in your home.

UV Resistance

The traditional window panes with mere iron grills and paint cannot withstand the harsh rays of the sun and the UV damage that comes with it. Ultraviolet radiation can damage and fade the paint, leave patches and discoloration, which will surely demand heavy investment in order to repair and fix them. With traditional windows and doors, you are continuously required to maintain them. You can surely leave this problem behind with the help of our UPVC windows and doors, which possess the ability to withstand the wrath of the sun. Our products are equipped with Polyurethane and are not damaged when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, our products not only help you save your resources but it also saves your efforts, you will no longer be required to paint, fix and polish them every now and then. Our clients and customers take pride in our quality and innovative products and their unmatched durability.

Wind Insulations

If you live in a coastal area and are looking for doors and windows that are durable and can withstand the heavy rains, storms and climate, Promiplast can provide you with the right technology and help you make your home safer and stronger. Our windows and doors can not only face harsh climate conditions but they are also meticulously designed to withstand raging winds and storms. Our windows can stand straight and tough and tackle heavy winds and downpour up to 245km/h. This makes Promiplast ideal for coastal regions and areas that experience heavy storms round the year.

Water Proof

Water and humidity are as damaging as the rough ultraviolet radiation. Traditional windows are not equipped to tolerate water and humidity in the long run. This can result in rusting, discoloration, cracks and demand continuous efforts and resources from your end. Our UPVC windows and doors are designed to be waterproof and are highly capable of withstanding heavy rainfall, extreme humidity and storms. Promiplast promises security and comfort and helps you create a safe space for your loved ones, where you can unwind and relax without worrying about the ever changing climate and the damages.

The Bugs Have NO Place!

Traditional doors and windows are not only prone to damage by harsh weather consitions, but bugs and parasites also add to its deterioration. Our UPVC windows and doors keep the bugs and the damages at bay. We ensure high quality products to our clients and customers, which will surely leave you impressed and provide the protection and warranty you seek.

Our Products: Quality, Comfort and Excellence

UPVC Casement Window And Door Manufacturers In Kolkata

The casement doors and windows are highly appealing and go with any setting or decoration you have in your living space. Whether it is the warm living room or a crisp and professional setting, the casement windows and doors add a classy touch wherever you install them. Promiplast enhances the beauty of the casement windows and doors and adds UPVC to make them durable and reliable. Our casement windows and doors not only transform the look of your spaces but also ensure protection from all the foreign and damaging factors of the environment. We not only aim to protect your homes but we also give you a wide range of styles and designs to choose from and find the windows and doors that fit right with your house. We also help you make a conscious choice and reduce your carbon footprints. Get in touch with us today!

UPVC Sliding Doors and Windows Manufacturer In Kolkata

If you are looking for a comfortable and laidback style for your living spaces, the sliding doors and windows are appropriate for you! With the help of our UPVC doors, you can only focus on great style and decoration for your living spaces and leave the stress of damages and heavy investments behind. Our doors and windows are equipped with modern and efficient technology that protects your home and also helps you save your resources. Be it any climatic condition, our windows and doors are designed to handle it all! Reach out to us today!

UPVC Sliding and Folding Windows and Doors Manufacturers In Kolkata

The sliding and folding doors and windows are highly trendy and fashionable and can transform the appearance of any space with ease. They are pleasing and can be appropriate if you are looking for a fancy and trendy touch in your home. Our wide range of sliding and folding windows and doors can surely make a beautiful addition to your home and enhance the overall appearance of your living spaces. Promiplast not only gives you a wide range and designs to choose from but it also gives you the warranty and protection for up to 20 years. Our doors and windows are also equipped with noise cancelling technology that enables you to live a blissful and quiet life and enjoy precious moments with your loved ones without any obstruction in your way!

UPVC Top Hung Windows Manufacturers In Kolkata

If you are looking for a style that can make your home stand out and give it a stylish appearance, you should definitely opt for top hung windows. These windows are not only stylish and add the trendy touch to your home but are greatly efficient in protecting your loved ones as well. Our top hung windows are equipped with UPVC that makes it flexible and versatile. We not only help you transform your home with our products but we also aim to please you with great durability and performance. Our windows and doors can withstand the toughest of storms and the harshest days of summer! You will not be required to fix and paint them again and again, unlike traditional windows and doors.

UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows and Door Manufacturers In Kolkata

Tilt and turn windows are highly unique and offer great style. These windows and doors can truly transform your living space and give it a modern, quirky and appealing touch. These windows and doors do not only add to your aesthetic but they also promise high security and safety for your loved ones. Combined with our innovative UPVC technology, glazing and hardware, these windows and doors can provide your home with all rounded protection, beautifying your home at the same time. You are not required to worry about pesky bugs and parasites feeding off your fixtures and tarnishing your home, as our UPVC technology promises to ensure and maintain the great quality of the products and keep the bugs away!

From reducing your carbon footprint on earth, supporting you with up to 20 years of warranty, great ranges of styles and designs and helping you enjoy quiet and meaningful moments with your loved ones, Promiplast truly aims to enhance your lifestyle. Reach out to us today!

Who We Are?

Promiplast is one of biggest names in the UPVC window industry and we are serving our clients since 2016. Our products are designed maintaining EN12608-1:2016 standards. All of our products are molded with modern technology and premium designs. Our focus is to deliver and serve the best-quality UPVC windows to our customers.

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