uPVC Casement Doors & Windows

uPVC Casement Door and Window Manufacturer

UPVC is one of the most reliable materials when it comes to architectural creations. Promiplast provides you with excellent quality uPVC casement windows that are perfect for each and every industrial need. These casement windows are high in function & absolutely amazing in texture. These are custom made for the climatic changes in India. In fact, these are absolutely perfect for coastal homes as they are resistant towards salt water and chemical. And besides that, we all know that uPVC is one of the most sublime polymers, it also offers a fair amount of needed flexibility.

uPVC is manufactured with an addition of stabilizers, so this material is up to the mark when it comes to putting up with the harsh climatic changes. Promiplast also gives a warranty of 20 years! The materials used are eco friendly and recyclable as well. On the other hand, these casement windows will look classy in any structure! You’ll have a broad range to choose from. Most importantly, these materials have high heat and rain insulation power. Perfect for your home.

Why Promiplast uPVC Doors & Windows?

  • Promiplast offers noise proof uPVC windows and doors to live a peaceful life
  • Our advanced uPVC windows and doors provide extreme insulation from rain and wind
  • Our uPVC does not peel, warp, or crack even when the UV rays are harsh
  • We manufacture recyclable and environment friendly products
  • Longest durability, we offer 20 years warranty on entire range of products
  • Our uPVC is saltwater and chemical resistant which makes it perfect for coastal homes
  • Wide range of products to fulfil all architectural requirements