Advantages of uPVC windows over wood

Advantages of uPVC windows over wood

What are Wooden Windows and How Do They Work?

Wooden windows have been around for a long time, outlasting any other type of window frame. You’ll have the option between softwood or hardwood, with softwood being the less expensive option and hardwood being more durable and lasting.

What are the benefits of uPVC windows?

Because they are less expensive than other materials, uPVC windows are the most popular choice among UK homes. It’s also the material of choice when installing double glazing, which offers numerous advantages over single glazing.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits, drawbacks, and other characteristics of both UPVC and wooden windows. The following is a comparison between upvc windows over wood.

UPVC Windows Have Their Own Aesthetic Attraction

 uPVC Windows: UPVC windows have their own attractive appearance with a contemporary day look.

Wooden windows: Wooden windows and doors have an unrivaled natural, graceful, and traditional age-old beauty. The visual benefits of timber window frames cannot be equaled by UPVC windows in terms of aesthetics.


UPVC Windows: The installation of double glazing within the UPVC window frames creates a highly insulating home that helps to keep the heat in while keeping the outside noise out.

Wooden windows: Wood provides natural insulation to your home, which means it will keep the heat in and help you save money on your energy bills.

Environmentally friendly

UPVC Windows: The manufacture of UPVC windows necessitates a high degree of production.

Wooden windows: Because wood is a natural material, it has very little environmental impact during production.


UPVC Windows with a Lifetime Warranty: UPVC windows have a maximum lifespan of 35 years. They are a one-time purchase.

Wooden Windows: Wooden windows have a lifespan of up to 60 years, making them an excellent long-term investment.


 Cost of UPVC windows: If you’re on a tight budget and need to replace your window frames, there’s no more cost-effective or value-for-money material than UPVC. These windows are less expensive than wooden windows and require less care.

Wooden windows: Wooden windows are unquestionably more expensive, but they endure far longer if properly maintained. They need to be serviced on a regular basis. While it is pricey at first, it also necessitates more investment in the form of annual or recurring maintenance.


UPVC Windows: Because UPVC windows have a steel core, it is extremely difficult to cause any damage, let alone a break-in, via them.

Wooden Windows:  windows can survive the harshest weather conditions because it is naturally sturdy material. Wooden window frames contribute to your home’s security.


Cleaning the frames with a wipe every now and then will suffice to keep your UPVC windows clean; no special treatment or extra care is required.

Wooden windows: These windows need to be sanded, painted, and varnished on a regular basis, which is an expensive process. Wooden windows may not last for a long time if they are not properly maintained. It is necessary to maintain your vehicle on a regular basis.


UPVC windows do not corrode or degrade like other materials since they are non-corrosive. They can tolerate extreme weather conditions.

Wooden windows are long-lasting if they are well-maintained and painted on a regular basis. Termites and extreme weather pose a threat to them.

UPVC or Wood Windows?

Both UPVC and wooden windows have distinct advantages and cons, however, wooden windows are the clear choice due to a few drawbacks. We’ve outlined some differences between uPVC windows over wood to help you decide. UPVC Windows can be placed instead of wooden windows when a budget is limited. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, you can choose uPVC windows over wood. Another significant advantage of UPVC windows is that they are termite-proof. They don’t corrode or decay. UPVC windows that appear like wood are available and are referred to as ‘posh’ UPVC windows.

They are replicable. This option combines the historic appeal of wooden windows with the modern conveniences of a modern window frame material. UPVC windows can be made to seem like wooden windows, but wooden windows cannot be made to look like UPVC windows. UPVC windows are a more affordable and practical option. After considering these factors, it is clear that both have advantages and disadvantages; therefore, a decision must be made based on our requirements.

Finally, because each has so many advantages and disadvantages, it is up to the person to decide which is the better option depending on their preferences, budget, taste, needs, requirements, and other variables.

For your convenience, a brief comparison of, wood, and UPVC windows and doors has been included above. We hope to be a part of your path to create good homes for your family and yourself!