Why uPVC Doors are an Easy Way out among Many Other Choices

Why uPVC Doors are an Easy Way out among Many Other Choices

When it comes to your interiors, doors are probably the last on your list. Over time, however, home and office owners are realizing the importance of doors in enhancing the look and appeal of a space. If you want sleek, inviting doors to adorn your space, contact our uPVC door manufacturers in Kolkata.

Customizable and versatile, they can be used as both interior and exterior doors; they’re perfect for modern, cosy spaces; and they let in an ample amount of air and sunlight too.

Here are the factors that you must keep in mind when opting for uPVC doors or replacing your old hinged doors with them:

  • Durability

These uPVC doors are not only lightweight and space-saving, but they also highly sturdy and durable. Being waterproof adds to their durability. They come with a wool pile that drives water and dust away, along with an in-built system that prevents water stagnation, hence, keeping them clean and dry over time. Once installed, use a vacuum to improve their longevity. 

  • Eco-friendliness

These doors can be kept out of landfills for years and yet perform well. They’re easy to remove, clean and fix back, thus saving you time and energy, making them an environment-friendly option, too.

  • Affordability

The uPVC doors are airtight, and made of insulators that keep the cold and heat away. They ensure that your home remains as energy-efficient as possible. Compared to traditional wooden doors, uPVC doors are much more cost-effective. And, the amount you spend on installation can be easily recovered with your energy savings.

  • Safety and security

Your main entrance must be kept protected. You can use tempered glass or place a film on top of the glass to make your uPVC door unbreakable. These doors manufactured by our uPVC door manufacturers in Kolkata are strong and hard to break into by intruders.

  • Maintenance

The uPVC doors usually demand less maintenance to retain their structure and performance over a long period of time- just wiping with a dusting cloth regularly is enough. For deep cleaning, however, you can first use a cloth dipped in soap and water mixture, and then re-wipe with a dry cloth.

To sum up,

Replacing traditional hinged doors with uPVC doors is a smart move. Not only are they sleek, but also make your property space-saving. They can be handled effortlessly, and maximize security too. Moreover, they are environment-friendly and affordable. Some of the biggest benefits of installing uPVC doors include:

  • they offer undisrupted outside views;
  • they’re durable and sturdy;
  • they’re easy to operate;
  • they’re versatile; and
  • they can be used in offices, homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

When purchasing a uPVC door, you can rely on our uPVC door manufacturers in Kolkata that guarantee safety and durability. Promiplast is one of biggest names among uPVC door dealers in Kolkata, serving our delightful clients since 2016. Our products are designed keeping EN12608-1:2016 standards intact, and blended with modern technology and premium designs. We focus on delivering the highest quality uUPVC windows and doors to our clients.