Why does India need Dustproof & Low Maintenance uPVC Windows?

Why does India need Dustproof & Low Maintenance uPVC Windows?

Due to the geographical area, the weather in India is very dusty and hot. In the urban areas, people adapt to the natural environment where smog, dust, and industrial air pollution dominate. Staying away from these unhealthy elements is a bit challenging. People stay, and breathe freely in their homes. To remain healthy, it is important to have a special type of windows and doors that keep the premises worth living. This is the major reason why Indians need Dustproof & Low Maintenance uPVC Windows for their homes.


India has the most unhealthy environment, which develops asthma, lung diseases, and other respiratory diseases. Dust allergy and tuberculosis are common in areas where infrastructure is rapidly developing. A proper management plan is required by house owners living in close vicinity. That’s why uPVC windows in India can play a huge role in keeping the indoor air clean.


Upvc helps reach fresh air-

In India, most people use traditional windows. Upvc windows are made of double-glazed glass, the oldest polymer which is non-toxic, and versatile. That’s why it is suitable for the Indian environment. The thick uPVC material blocks the harsh and excess sunlight from entering homes and heating the place. Promiplast windows(Dustproof & Low Maintenance uPVC Windows) have a good quality product that can assure you a cleaner and better environment in your home.



Noise proof properties-

If you are looking for a window that eliminates outside noises and makes your room clean and bright, then you can go for upvc windows. Soundproof windows can cover all of your problems. For instance, they do so much more than block the noise of a bustling city or a noisy neighborhood. 

Noise pollution is becoming a major problem and it physically impacts and ruins your life and lose out on precious moments and quality times with your family with the constant outsider noise. apart from that, If you have kids or any kind of pets in your home, you should change your old traditional windows to soundproof ones.

The soundproof window block and protect your house from unwanted external noise. The window is made with modern efficient technology and hardware that protects your living space from all the unnecessary noise.


Benefits of having Dustproof & Low Maintenance uPVC Windows-


  • Low maintenance- They reduce the cost of electricity bills, lower maintenance, and so on. promiplast uPVC windows and doors are designed with double insulated glass and multiple locking systems which makes house energy- efficient and safe.

uPVC windows are very energy efficient. that’s because these kinds of windows are better quality than any other wooden windows. With this window, the Wind drafts are reduced by 99%.they work as an insulator, they are heat resistant and weatherproof. without any high maintenance, promiplast’s soundproof windows have the same material as uPVC windows thus, these windows retain their colors, strength, and functionality for a long time. Apart from that, the normal windows can not regulate the temperature and prevent dust. They are not equipped with sensitivity and innovative tech. but the soundproof windows are made of special technologies which both prevent the specks of dust and make your room comfortable.


  • Dustproof and easy to clean- you can clean and polish it with a damp rag without using any kind of cleaning product. thoroughly clean up any large spills by wiping them off with a cloth or towel. These windows prevent Less dust, dirt, and moisture enters your home. , they are extremely light weighted. They are hard to install but once you have installed them, then you do not need to worry about them. this kind of window is waterproof, so there is no need for paint-removing products, which makes them very easy to maintain. apart from that, they do not trap heat.


  • resistant to insects and rots-  wooden windows/normal windows easily get affected by wooden insects, they get rot by water, and rain waters. for uPVC windows, as they are made of plastic, they do not get rot by anything. insects or any tree can harm it. they are Dustproof & Low Maintenance uPVC Windows,  especially very durable, that they last long for up to 25 years if you maintain them properly.


  • Waterproof- uPVC windows are especially famous for their tough resistance to even storms and tropical wind. They are manufactured with innovative design and technology; as the promiplast windows are waterproof. That’s why they are the perfect solution to block rainwater coming in and keep your home safe.


  • Customization- benefits of using windows-these uPVC windows offer several benefits. for instance, they are very efficient; in fact, they are specially made of a plant-based polymer called PVC, which means they do not release any harmful chemicals. uPVC window comes in different kinds of colors, varieties, and shapes. You can also customize the size of your windows according to your room.. UPVC windows have a high-quality finish and are available in different kinds of styles and designs, which makes them costlier than any other traditional window frames.


Upvc windows have weather strips which is high quality. It keeps all the sliding windows air-tight and they do not allow any dust to enter from outside. 

The other parts are used in uPVC windows and doors are multi-point locking systems that ensure that all the windows are sealed or locked properly. The multi-point lock system locks the window in 2-4 places when the handle is locked ensuring that the windows or the doors are locked from top to bottom and ensuring a tight and safe locking of the windows ensuring no dust comes from outside to inside.



The uPVC doors & windows gaps are filled between the windows and the walls are filled with Silicon. it ensures that there is no dust entering the room through the hole gaps between the windows and the walls. also,The thick uPVC material blocks the harsh and excess sunlight from entering homes and heating the place.  That’s why Indians need Dustproof & Low Maintenance uPVC Windows.