Why do we need upvc windows instead of wooden windows

Why do we need upvc windows instead of wooden windows

People are moving on with upvc windows. The upvc windows are more likely to need replacing sooner than wooden windows. The UPVC window is made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This material requires low maintenance, which means unlike wooden or aluminum standards, you generally won’t have to spend too much time or money on these window frames.

UPVC is popularly used in a variety of glazing standards, such as window sills and framing. However, it is also commonly used as an efficient and cost-effective guttering solution. A UPVC window, therefore, is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and surprisingly resilient. Upvc windows have rigidity, thus giving high durability, and aesthetic value to your house as well. You can get multiple benefits by installing upvc windows in your house. It resists fire, moisture, and unnecessary noise, and prevent termite and bugs. That's why you need Upvc windows instead of wooden windows.

Promiplast has a wide range of upvc windows. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride- upvc is a special type of plastic. These plastics are typically synthetic, consisting of organic and inorganic materials which chemical processes have polymerized. These kinds of upvc are mainly used for making doors and windows. Just because it’s based on PVC, this material’s leveraged through a unique formulation to prepare a special UPVC blend for windows.

They not only give sturdiness but also save us from noise, moisture, excess sunlight, and harmful UV radiation. These windows have a component that will be added to their original raw material in proportion to it, called titanium dioxide, which provides doors & windows an excellent white finishing. 



Let’s discuss some of the top reasons people are choosing promiplast Upvc windows instead of wooden windows.-


High durability – 


Upvc windows and doors are extremely resistant to high temperatures, strong winds, heavy rainfall, and other climatic conditions. That's why it makes them the ideal choice for any household or commercial space. The reinforcement needs larger windows and especially for those who have a house in a coastal area or mountain area where exposure to winds is strong. This strength of a upvc window comes from using high-quality raw materials, which makes them strong and highly stable. No salt water or moisture can damage the frames. As a result, they long last for years. That not only gives sturdiness but also saves us from harmful UV radiation. The reinforcement of steel in Upvc doors & windows also helps to control the expansion rate and gives sturdiness and thickness to a window.

The UPVC window and door give high thermal and noise insulation. In such windows, a special type of plastic component called UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is used to make the frames for windows. As UPVC does not have any chemicals, it is durable and stronger than any other material available on the market. Apart from this, UPVC windows are highly durable and serve multiple benefits. UPVC windows are cost-effective compared to regular wooden or aluminum windows.



Energy efficient- 


The energy efficiency of a upvc window is very high. The energy efficiency of upvc windows and doors consumes less electricity which is employed to heat and funky a house which may help reduce the greenhouse emission by up to 80 %. Apart from that, the upvc windows need very low maintenance and they eliminate the usage of paints, and stripper stains, which impact the air. The option of double pane Windows further improves your Windows’ insulation. Another reason to choose energy-efficient Windows are they reduce the electric bills, all while helping the environment. That’s why people are choosing promiplast Upvc windows instead of wooden windows.


Eco friendly-


 Promiplast does not use plastic for their window. They mostly use polycarbonate plastic. The same material utilized in eyeglasses and known for durability and clarity. Polycarbonate plastic or polyvinyl chloride is used for making upvc windows. They are Shatter-resistant and light-weight, the upvc product has low thermal conductivity, as a result, they are excellent at reducing heat and cooling costs though still providing protection against dangerous weather.

Research showed that upvc window frames require 3 times less energy to manufacture than traditional aluminum window frames. Besides, their durability power is very high. They can last long up to 30 years if you maintain them correctly.

Apart from that, Upvc windows do not have any harmful effects. They do not emit any harmful gases and are considered as one safe and harmless to human health. This is one of the main reasons for their popularity in the market. They are made with high-quality raw materials which is lead-free and safe for the environment. Also, they offer high energy efficiency and help reduce expensive energy costs by providing better insulation than other regular windows and doors. Thanks to this feature. They are suitable even for installation in a clinical environment.



Noise proof- 


There is only one way you can prevent unnecessary loud noise by installing a soundproof window. Promiplast soundproof windows are energy efficient, durable, and weatherproof as well. These Soundproof Windows are installed into your existing Window openings, with no construction or alteration to the current window. The soundproof upvc windows and doors are designed carefully to trap maximum noise in the houses, workplaces, recording studios, or traffic noise. With a soundproof window, you can get deep sleep and increase the quality of your life. Once you have installed it, you won't regret it later.


Low Maintainance – 


As they do not trap heavy dirt and dust, they are easy to maintain. Normal wooden windows need high maintenance as they cannot reduce the outside dust, thus it traps heavy dust, are not weatherproof, and as a result, the frames get easily damaged by rainwater. Keeping Windows clean probably isn’t very high on anyone’s list of enjoyable activities, this is a huge advantage for many homeowners, once they install the upvc soundproof window.


Security –


Security is fundamental to any window or door installation. That’s why upvc becoming famous day by day by giving over-the-top security to your property. With an ultra-light sturdy frame and various locking combinations, these windows will prevent intruders from breaking in.