A uPVC lift & slide doors provide an excellent seal against noise and energy loss when locked, and when unlocked, it allows for easy mobility. When the door handle is turned, the uPVC door lifts slightly and breaks the seal, allowing the doors to glide effortlessly on their roller wheels. This method significantly decreases weatherproofing wear and tear when compared to standard designs, resulting in long-term energy efficiency. Our uPVC lift & slide doors may be opened to a small opening, then closed and sealed to provide ventilation while keeping the property safe.

Your lift and slide can be customized in size and colour to match the qualities of any architectural style. For a free quote on your property, contact Promiplast now.


Are you looking for a way to open up your living area to the patio or garden? There are other door options for this, but for high-end homes, the spectacular lift and slide door is a popular choice.

Due to their ability to give residents seamless indoor-outdoor living, large lift & slide doors have become the most popular choice among homeowners. As a result, it's great for individuals who want to add stylish outside areas to their living space.

Do you want to discover what distinguishes our lift and slide patio doors from the competition? Here are just a few of the many benefits that make this door style so popular among homeowners.

  1. Allow for simple procedures

In comparison to other door styles, the uPVC lift & slide doors can accommodate larger glass panels. It implies you can have sliding panels that are up to three metres broad and three metres tall. These doors, unlike bi-folding doors, allow for more light because of the larger glass surface. As a result, it's great for building huge glazed expansions that provide residents with the best possible view of the outdoors.

Another advantage of lift and slide uPVC window doors is that they come with high-quality gear and hardware. As a result, even the largest lift and slide doors open, slide and close effortlessly. These doors are simple to open and close thanks to the clever roller mechanisms. Even in lift mode, the massive panels can quickly separate from the frame to provide ventilation and vision.

  1. The use of lift and slide doors saves space

For tiny homes, lift and slide doors, like lift and slide uPVC windows, are the best option. They do so because they can save a lot of room. Its sliding motion avoids the requirement for a folding or hinged mechanism, as a folding or swing door does.

The tilting movement of lift and slide doors, on the other hand, provides additional security even while they are open. It is a more secure alternative when compared to bi-folding and French doors.

In comparison to other door kinds, a lift and slide door is more advantageous for you if you have a restricted property space. This door type is ideal for tiny patios, terraces, and balconies.

  1. Alternatives to glass for lift and slide doors

\When choosing your doors, we always keep the style, colour, and hardware in mind. We don't usually think about the type of glass that was utilised. Glass comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of traits and benefits.

  1. For lift and slide doors, uPVC dual colour options are available

The internal and external colour combinations of the frame of dual colour doors are distinct. Many homeowners like them because they allow them to create separate looks for the inside and outside of their home, giving them greater individuality.

  1. For lift and slide doors, there are a variety of uPVC exterior colour possibilities

Choosing a colour scheme for your home's interior and exterior while building or renovating can be one of the most exciting, but sometimes stressful, decisions you make. Colours for your roof, walls, flooring and other elements are obvious choices, but it's also important to consider the colours for your windows and doors, which are a long-term investment that can either blend in or sticks out. Our high-quality uPVC lift & slide doors are available in a range of fashionable frame colours. You might be shocked to learn that, in addition to frame colours, you can choose from several glasses and handle options.

  1. The advantages of double glazing in terms of insulation are numerous

During the scorching summers and freezing winters, our double-glazed windows and doors are designed to keep you and your family safe from the elements. With energy prices on the rise, there has never been a better time to invest in thermally efficient equipment than now. Integra double-glazed windows and doors employ cutting-edge technology to preserve energy efficiency and create a strong insulating barrier. This ensures a comfortable and temperature-controlled interior atmosphere all year round.

Our systems are high-quality while still being cost-effective. German-engineered systems are known for their strength. The designs are European-inspired to give your home or business a sense of sophistication. To ensure that you receive high-quality, long-lasting items, we manufacture all of our products in our Kolkata manufacturing plant.


The following are some additional advantages of uPVC lift & slide doors:

  • Featuring high-quality rollers for increased durability.
  • Embedded with innovative hardware panels that allow for easy lifting and sliding.
  • Wind, air and water penetration have all been thoroughly tested by professionals.
  • Advanced motorised operation is available.
  • Integrated with windows to provide customers with a comprehensive home solution


Lift and slide doors are great for connecting interior and outdoor spaces in modern homes. A lift and slide door has several advantages over other door profiles since it has a slim and sturdy uPVC frame with a thermally efficient arrangement. Lift and slide doors are an excellent alternative if you want to replace your outdated sliding doors or just want to extend your home to the outdoors.