Doors and windows are integral part of the space you live or work in. Doors are used for making entrance viable, steady and to give privacy to the space. While windows give good ventilation, fresh air and nice views of the outside world. Generally, people leave the aspect of doors and windows to the interior designers or take them as they are inbuilt in the buildings. But windows and doors also have a different variety to choose from. High quality material like UPVC can be used in doors and windows. It makes windows and doors strong, durable, resistant and also aesthetically appealing.


Now, if you are wondering what is UPVC then, let me tell you that UPVC stands for UPVC, also known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a specific kind of material that is low maintenance and used in buildings and indoor spaces. This material is good substitute for painted woods used mostly for window sills and frames. This material itself has replaced many other materials used in buildings and can be considered an important material for home improvement.


Going deeper into understanding of what is UPVC, it is known that this material has different properties which is beneficial for spaces. It has tremendous strength and durability compared to other materials. It has thermal, mechanical and conduction properties that helps owners both in functionality and look. It’s longevity decreases long term maintenance costs as well. Along with being cheaper alternative to expensive hardwood timber and aluminium, it also has amazing durability and versatility due to it’s properties.


Answering to exactly what is UPVC and how it is formed lies in the fact that it is made from a vinyl polymer which is bound and attached to chlorine atoms so the window frames are not actually plastic and can go well with steel. This leads to decrease ongoing costs that homeowners have to normally shed. Also, presently all UPVC windows and doors come in different sizes, colours, types and styles to make decision making more easy for the customers according to their needs. They have effective and attractive finishes and are in sync with building regulations.





1.UPVC windows and doors are heat resistant.

In traditional times, people generally did not bother about heat resistance and temperature. It is only after people started upgrading and slowly their lifestyle evolved. The properties of UPVC are such that it makes this material heat resistant. So, why is it necessary? Heat and sunlight consists of UV radiation and it is harmful. The harsh effect of UV radiation will surely damage traditional panes, also paint layers and patches are formed. This requires continuous maintenance which can be proven costly. But, UPVC windows and doors have these properties to withstand the heat and are not damaged after exposure to harsh sunlight. These will definitely save your additional efforts of maintaining your space.


2.UPVC windows and doors are water resistant.

This is one of the most important factor as normally in other furniture fixtures also, we sought after materials that are moisture or water resistant. Exposure to water and moisture can result in rusting, decolouration and cracks over time in traditional windows and doors. In this case also, maintenance is required. UPVC windows and doors are highly water resistant and are able to withstand exposure to heavy rains, storms and humidity. This will give you less to worry about climate changes and more relaxation in your space.


3.UPVC windows and doors are noise proof.

In traditional times, people generally did not pay attention to noise and soundproofing needs and requirements. It is only after evolved times and due to that lifestyle of people has upgraded and changed drastically. Nowadays, people seek noise-proof spaces so they can relax and unwind in their homes without any disturbances. UPVC windows and doors have designed systems that keep noise out of your homes. This also helps in maintaining privacy and solitude in the spaces. This will help you fetch your nice quiet time in midst of hustling and bustling of the city where we face continuous noise pollution.


4.UPVC windows and doors keeps bugs and insects out of your homes.

Traditionally, people used nets to keep bugs and insects at bay. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about that. UPVC windows and doors comes to your rescue to help keep bugs out of your homes. Bugs and parasites cause damage over long run in wooden frames, but UPVC panels are designed in such a manner that it keeps bugs at bay. They are strong, durable and give solid protection giving best quality to the customers.




5.UPVC gives protection from exposure to high winds.

UPVC windows and doors are designed so meticulously with high end material and technology that it can withstand heavy winds during severe weather conditions. They have high end wind insulation systems in them that gives protection to your space.