What is one stop window solution? | Promiplast

What is one stop window solution? | Promiplast

By having a big window or a balcony in your house, all you want is to feel the fresh air and beautiful scenery but hate the idea of getting attacked by insects, restrictions, or bugs. In this India,  houses are at the mercy of the weather, experiencing above 50 percent energy loss through the window. But now, you can protect your home with energy efficient window treatments that insulate throughout the year, no matter the temperature outside. If you are wondering what is one stop window solution? Then you need to know that Promiplast offers one stop window solution for every households, that includes-

Bug mesh windows-


The Bugmesh windows are getting popular day y day. As they are a special type of window that prevents the entry of mosquitoes or any kind of insects into the home. You can get the sliding window with bug mesh protection for your home. Apart from that, they also offer good ventilation.  If you are wondering what is one stop window solution? Then you need to know that promiplast delivers one stop window solution for your house, completely. Some other benefits below-


  1. The Mesh material – the window mesh is made of a special type of fiberglass, plastic, or metal wire. They are completely rainproof. You can easily install this into your room as it does not prevent outside air.


  1. Thoroughly clean up any large spills by wiping them off with a cloth or towel. You can clean and polish it with a damp rag without using any kind of cleaning product. These windows prevent Less dust, dirt, and moisture enters your home. , they are very much light weighted.


  1. By keeping the windows shut, you are also blocking the way to cold air entering your house. But if you use bugmesh windows then you don’t need to worry about that! The specialty of this window is that they simply keep the insect away and does not block fresh air.


4.    They are typically perfect for those places where the climates are very hot and need to open window for 24x7. Apart from that, With a long lifespan, it provides resistance and coverage against different kinds of weather conditions.

Invisible grilled windows -


The invisible window offers you many advantages. Invisible grill window provides you with the best window with its unique features. The grills are very thin(2-3mm) they can hold up to 180kg. As The invisible grills have been embraced by many and are the recent trend in the market. Invisible grills have multiple varieties. If you are thinking what is one stop window solution? then you don’t have to worry as promiplast offers complete window solutions including invisible windows. Sometimes these kinds of grills are called mesh wires. There provide multiple benefits including –


  1. The traditional windows require constant cleaning, paintings, and other stuff, invisible grills are sleek and no cleaning is required. But for this window, you don’t need anything extra that will take your time and energy. You can simply clean it with  a towel.


  1. These windows are extremely strong and sleek. That’s because these kinds of windows are better quality than any other wooden windows. 


  1. Your landscape view wont restricted with these invisible windows as they offer no distractions. You probably do not want the view to be restricted by thick grills. Their grills are very thin which you can easily ignore to get the perfect nature view. Besides, the sunlight doesn’t get restricted and as a result it delivers good ambiance.


Upvc windows-

Keeping the windows and doors open for taking fresh air but at the same time be assured of the home-security of the houses is a desire by many house owners in india. If you are wondering what is one stop window solution? then you need to know that promiplast Upvc windows are the perfect solution for every house-holds. they are becoming very popular day by day. They are energy efficient, in that they can provide a natural source of extra ventilation. Just because it’s based on PVC, this material’s leveraged through a unique formulation to prepare a  special UPVC blend for windows. Some advantages of upvc windows are -

  1. Though UPVC material is made of plastic but the resistance power of these windows are very strong. They are not easy to break. That’s why it gives you a long term home security. Promiplast’s wide range of upvc windows ensure that the heat and cold weather won’t damage the quality of the windows and will last longer than other window systems.


  1. They are waterproof, so there is no need for paint-removing products, which makes them very easy to maintain. Apart from that, they do not trap heat. As a result, they are excellent for homes in warmer climate areas.


  1. These windows have a high-quality finish and are available in different kind of styles and designs, which makes them costlier than any other traditional window frames. The best thing is that you customize according to your desired sizes and colors.



  1. It has the energy efficient property. This is the main reason why upvc windows are energy-efficient and a bit expensive. Their windows are double glazed, it makes the perfect combination of high energy efficient and  comfort window.