Upvc Windows & Doors - Frequent Asked Questions in 2022 | Promiplast – top 10 upvc Windows & Doors FAQ

Upvc Windows & Doors - Frequent Asked Questions in 2022 | Promiplast – top 10 upvc Windows & Doors FAQ

The upvc window is one of the best building materials that has drastically changed the construction industry. They become one of the most desirable and admirable windows in every household. Using UPVC windows can save your money in multiple ways. They are way more energy efficient, long lasting, eco friendly, and have a great aesthetic design than any other traditional wooden windows. They provide light and fresh air circulation and can improve the look and feel of a home. Let’s discuss some of the top upvc Windows & Doors FAQs below-


  • What is upvc?

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride- upvc is a special type of plastic. These plastics are typically synthetic, consisting of organic and inorganic materials which have been polymerized by chemical processes. These kinds of upvc are mainly used for making doors and windows. Just because it’s based on PVC, this material’s leveraged through a unique formulation to prepare a special UPVC blend for windows.


  • Are upvc windows harmful?

No! Upvc windows do not have any harmful effects. They do not emit any harmful gases and are considered as one safe and harmless to human health. This is one of the main reasons for their popularity in the market. They are made with high quality raw materials which is lead free and safe for the environment. Also, they offer high energy efficiency and help reduce expensive energy costs by providing better insulation than other regular windows and doors. Thanks to this feature. They are suitable even for installation in a clinical environment.


  • How much durable these upvc windows are?

This is one of the top upvc Windows & Doors faqs. The average lifespan of a upvc window is almost 20-25 years. They are quite long lasting compared to other investments in your house. Wooden windows do not get a long-lasting life, because termites can easily break and damage the woods. Apart from durability, they are quite the lowest maintenance windows available window you will get in the market. This feature saves huge time and money.


  • Do we need high maintenance for upvc windows and doors? –

Cleaning the upvc window is not a problem at all. You can literally clean and polish it with a damp rag without using any kind of cleaning product. Thoroughly clean up any large spills by wiping them off with a cloth or towel. You don’t need regular maintenance. Only little maintenance is required once you install the window. One of the most discussed questions compared to wooden windows is whether the upvc window surface does not need to be repainted. This feature saves huge time and money.


  • What is the double glazing feature?

The double glazing feature is a special type of feature in which a window is made with two panes of glasses with a small space in between them. The panes are separated by a vacuum or filled with gas to reduce the heat/temperature transfer. This is one of the top discussed upvc Windows & Doors FAQ. Upvc windows are made with double glazing panels. These double glazes feature also help in curbing noise pollution by soundproofing your indoors.


  • Is upvc window nature/fire resistant?

 The upvc material is classified as fire resistant and natural resistant. They have a fire extinguishing property. They are made with fire-resistant polymers. Wooden frames get easily affected by rain waters and fires. Apart from that, it is easily get affected by being exposed to humidity, water, dust, etc. Upvc is fire resistant and weather-resistant. It is a cost-effective alternative in the long run.


  • Are upvc windows expensive?

If you compare your traditional windows to upvc windows, then they are much more affordable. Upvc windows have become popular in India due to their affordability. Once you installed this window, then you don’t need to worry about anything. They need very low maintenance. If you use it carefully then it can last long for up to 25 years. This allows house owners to enjoy this unique featured window style while saving money, investing it elsewhere in their property.

These windows are designed to be dependable to use. They are extremely effortless and hassle-free windows you can ever use.


  • Is upvc window noise-proof? -

This is one of the top discussed upvc Windows & Doors FAQ. Promiplast offers a wide range of upvc windows and doors. They also provide upvc Noise-proof windows. These upvc windows have co extruded gaskets that weld with the profile when this window is into fabrication. , they do so much more than block the noise of a bustling city or a noisy neighborhood.


  • Are upvc windows resistant to termites? -

Normal windows easily get affected by wooden insects, they get rot by water, rain waters. For upvc windows, as they are made of plastic, they do not get rot by anything. Insects or any tree can harm it. They are especially very durable, that they last long for up to 25 years if you maintain them properly. The upvc window is made with a tough and durable material that never gets affected by external material or insects.



  • Will the upvc window suit my specific style of house? –


The wonderful thing about upvc is that it can be fabricated and customized to suit a wide variety of window shapes and designs. This is yet another upvc Windows & Doors FAQ.

 Upvc windows are highly customizable and versatile. They are made of plastic, they are extremely light weighted. This UPVC window comes in different kinds of colors, varieties, and shapes. You can also customize the size of your windows according to your room. It comes in many types, sliding, grill, casement windows, fixed windows, etc. The choice is yours but the quality is always the finest. 

There are different kinds of upvc windows available in the market. Like-tilt as turn, casement windows, vertical slider, flush sash, etc. They are so much configurable and flexible. So it does not matter what style or age property you live in. They can be tailored to suit.