uPVC windows demand in Kolkata 2022: Promiplast

uPVC windows demand in Kolkata 2022: Promiplast

Windows normally take up 15 to 20 percent of the wall’s surface area. Windows are a big component of home heating and cooling expenditures, as well as adding aesthetic value and frequently being a very vital feature of a home. In the winter, bad windows lose more heat per square foot of area than any other surface in the house, while in the summer, they gain more heat.

We have drastically improved the energy efficiency of windows nowadays. By decreasing your carbon footprint, our energy-efficient window systems will make your house more comfortable, save your energy expenses, and contribute to a brighter, cleaner, and healthier world. Following are the reasons why Promiplast has uPVC windows demand in Kolkata 2022.


Sustainability encompasses recyclability, extended life expectancy, low maintenance, low thermal transfer, and strong insulation qualities. With the changing climate and increasing awareness of our time’s environmental issues, sustainability has become a critical attribute. The advantages of plastic windows over other materials are obvious in this regard.

Low Intensity

Once the window is fitted, it requires very little upkeep. Furthermore, dust and debris may be readily removed from the even, hygienic uPVC surface, making cleaning the uPVC window a breeze. The most essential advantage of uPVC windows over wooden windows is that they do not need to be repainted. This saves time, effort, and money.

Life expectancy is a measure of how long someone lives.

uPVC windows have a life expectancy of roughly 30 years. It’s worth noting that these windows don’t require much care at this time.

Windows made of uPVC can be recycled.

uPVC windows are nearly completely recyclable. To recycle the window frame material, a rising number of countries have built well-organized collecting systems with state-of-the-art recycling units. The loop between demolished old windows and new window profiles is closed with reprocessing. uPVC windows are environmentally friendly. When materials are recycled, they save resources and money on disposal.

Better insulation – noise is kept out

UPVC doors and windows are more successful at insulating interiors from outside noise, making them a good alternative for homeowners who live near major road intersections, schools, markets, and other places where noise is a problem. Because UPVC doors and windows are engineered to have an airtight seal between the frame and the window/door, they provide exceptional insulation. This greatly reduces the amount of noise that enters your home. UPVC doors and windows also help to keep your home warm in the winter by reducing heat loss. The windows and doors are resistant to moisture and the growth of mold as a result of it. Furthermore, the amount of water vapor in the frames is reduced by these windows and doors.

Quick And Easy To Care For

High-quality UPVC doors and windows require little upkeep and are simple to maintain. Dishwashing liquid is all you need to clean the doors and windows because they have flat surfaces that are easy to clean.


The eloquence of the UPVC door design will have no influence on its endurance; it will outlast doors manufactured of other materials. Because of its high level of performance and resistance to distortion, UPVC windows and doors can withstand the test of time. UPVC doors and windows will always prove to be a good investment due to their extended lifespan.


UPVC windows and doors are 100% recyclable, making them environmentally friendly. Aside from being recyclable, UPVC doors and windows are more environmentally friendly than other materials due to their durability and sustainable manufacturing.


Because UPVC doors are extremely tough to break, your home will be better protected. UPVC doors and windows are made of Polyvinyl Chloride, which will not corrode over time. It is resistant to rotting and rusting, two problems that can occur with other materials. UPVC is also a reasonably inexpensive material that is significantly more fire-resistant, making it a safer choice for both the home and the business. As an added level of security, some UPVC doors are manufactured with a thick reinforced UPVC panel.

A variety of designs

The large variety of window and door styles available in the market is one of the key advantages of UPVC doors and windows. Doors and windows made of UPVC are suitable for a wide range of architectural styles. You’ll be overwhelmed with UPVC window and door designs after just one visit to a UPVC door and window dealer. You may even employ the clean lines and beauty of UPVC doors and windows to improve the appearance of your home.