uPVC trends that have taken over doors and windows by storm!

uPVC trends that have taken over doors and windows by storm!

Any building- whether residential, commercial, or industrial- is a combination of various components. Windows and doors are among the significant things that contribute to making buildings functional, other than having a great aesthetic appeal. If selected appropriately, they add significant value to the construction.

As uPVC has proven to be among the most reliable materials nowadays, you might want to keep up with the latest trends for uPVC doors and windows. These high-quality, durable, yet stylish windows and doors make your home, office, or industrial space a lot more appealing, functional, innovative and valuable, and our uPVC folding door in Kolkata makes your interiors all the more gracious!

Here are some trends from uPVC window manufacturers in Kolkata that you can look up to, if you want to make your indoor and outdoor spaces all the more spacious, ventilated, beautiful and functional.

Functionality, with tons of designs to choose from

Today, doors and windows are not just selected based on their appearance, or their primary function- providing access in and out of the building, and ventilation. The trend today is to pick the styles, such as the uPVC folding door in Kolkata, which can offer a wide variety of other advantages too, besides serving the primary purpose. For example, they let in just the right amount of air and sunlight, without taking up much space in the room.

The primary function: safety and security

Of course, you wouldn’t compromise with your safety, or that of your loved ones, right? The uPVC folding door in Kolkata, along with bi-fold windows, are a perfect match for this trend, as they are filled with exceptional safety and security features. They often come with multi-point locking systems, that make homes secure to live in. Plus, their self-extinguishing properties can prevent a fire from spreading.

The colour trends

Our choices and expectations change over time, and do our colour preferences for doors and windows. Fortunately, we provide the uPVC folding door in Kolkata, along with other uPVC doors and windows, in a wide variety of colours, finishes and patterns. Even if you’re a wood finish lover, you can get them in your favourite wooden colour and finish, including dark oak, golden oak, mahogany and walnut.

The race for sustainability

Today, sustainable living is the need of the hour, and is trending in the interior industry as well. If you, too, want to keep up with this trend, you may want to invest in a high-quality uPVC folding door in Kolkata, to start with. These doors can help make your home energy-efficient, resulting in less electricity bills and some big savings each month!

Whether you buy a sliding uPVC doorcasement door or UPSC casement window in India, they all can help you make your home more liveable. They all can reduce your carbon footprints, and energy consumption, other than making your home secure. Moreover, they’re all durable enough to withstand all weathers.

Promiplast is one of biggest names among the uPVC window manufacturers in Kolkata nowadays, serving our delightful clients since 2016. Our products are designed keeping EN12608-1:2016 standards intact, and blended with modern technology and premium designs. We focus on delivering the highest quality uPVC windows and doors to our delighted customers.

Explore our world-class range of uPVC doors and windows, and let us know your requirements so that we can customize your doors and windows as per your requirements.