Things you should know everything about uPVC technology before investing in uPVC doors & Windows | Promiplast Best uPVC Windows & Doors Supplier in Kolkata

Things you should know everything about uPVC technology before investing in uPVC doors & Windows | Promiplast Best uPVC Windows & Doors Supplier in Kolkata

A window is an attractive and cozy place in a house. windows allow the sunrays and the breeze of serenity to enter the home; thus it makes 5he ambiance of a house fresh. Your house should deserve all the elements and a well-structured window has the power to change the complete look of your house. if you are planning to buy a uPVC window for your house, then you should remember everything about uPVC technology before investing in uPVC windows and doors. After all, your hard-earned money and you would not want to spend excess on the windows and doors.

The physical property of uPVC window- Upvc windows and doors made with modern technologies. This window has evolved into its best form by combining the properties of its predecessors, aluminum, and wood. They are extremely energy efficient, weather proof. The design and sturdiness of a uPVC window mainly give the safety and security in your house. one of the most significant physical properties of a uPVC window is it has an energy saving feature.


What makes a uPVC window special from any other traditional normal windows?


uPVC is made with polymer and is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is used as an alternative to wood and aluminum in the building industry and to install window profiles in a home or real estate building. uPVC materials are especially lead-free and are manufactured by using galvanized technology. The best uPVC material has versatility and is produced in captivating textures to match the needs of the consumers.

the uPVC window ensures durability, cost-effectiveness, high operating pressure point, good fire endurance, and long-lasting life because of how sound the building is. these are the things you should know everything about uPVC technology before investing in uPVC doors & Windows . all of these features make them expensive.




Apart from that, upvc window serves other features like-


  1. Durability - building materials such as wood easily get damaged by weather and moisture. With the exposure to the monsoon rain, the wood gets rotted and damaged. Certain molds grow on them. On the other hand, metal uPVC windows (made with modern technologies) ensure that they are weather resistant which makes them expensive. No molds, rust can grow over uPVC window frames. It also does not blister due to moisture. Whether you live in a mountain area, city area, or coastal area, uPVC is the one-stop window solution for you.


  1. Weather proof - uPVC windows and doors are extremely resistant to high temperatures, strong winds, heavy rainfall, and other climatic conditions. that's why it makes them the ideal choice for any household or commercial space. this strength of a uPVC window comes from using high-quality raw materials, which makes them strong and highly stable. No salt water or moisture can damage the frames. As a result, they long last for years.



  1. Long lasting- The reinforcement of steel in uPVC windows and doors also helps to control the expansion rate and gives sturdiness and thickness to a window. Popular window manufacturing companies use stainless steel which gives excellent security. the reinforcement need for larger windows and especially for those who have a house in coastal area or mountain area where exposure of winds are strong.

Apart from that, uPVC windows come with double-glazed glass panels and a multi-chambered design that makes them extra sturdy. The integration of multi-point locking systems further increases uPVC window strength & security.


  1. Low maintenance - wooden windows require regular maintenance to prevent rust or rot. You need to have them checked regularly and repaired so it does not get damaged. even sometimes, You will need to paint them, since, during monsoon weather and cold weather, the paint will blister. on the other hand, the uPVC requires very low maintenance and will look brand new for a very long time. uPVC windows are also easy to clean, so you can easily clean them with a damp rug or cotton cloth.


  1.  Sound Proof - There is only one way you can prevent unnecessary loud noise by installing a soundproof window. Protoplast offers soundproof windows that are energy efficient, durable, and weatherproof as well. Your home should be a peaceful place where you can comfortably rest, and therefore soundproofing is very important. These Soundproof Windows are installed into your existing Window openings, with no construction or alteration to the current Window required. The double-glazed feature reduces the noise by up to 90 %. With a soundproof window, you can get deep sleep and increase the quality of your life. Once you have installed it, you won't regret it later.



  1. Security- Security is the utmost thing in your house. this is one of the important things you should know everything about uPVC technology before investing in uPVC doors & Windows. uPVC doors and windows are made with strong double-layer glazing that makes them stronger. If the optimum security is your priority then you should go for double glazing featured windows and doors. The lock and frames are made with a layer of galvanized steel which is difficult for any intruders to break. Upvc windows have different glass features. You can get laminated glass, thermal glass, and toughened and float glass. Each glass has its property and serves different features. You can choose based on price, safety, and look.


  1. Energy efficiency - this is one of the crucial Things you should Know everything about uPVC technology before investing in uPVC doors & Windows. the energy efficiency of a uPVC window is very high. The energy efficiency of uPVC windows and doors consumes less electricity which is employed to heat and funky a house which may help reduce the greenhouse emission by up to 80 %. Apart from that, the uPVC windows need very low maintenance and they eliminate the usage of paints, and stripper stains, which impact the air.