Things you should do to maintain your uPVC windows and doors

Things you should do to maintain your uPVC windows and doors

uPVC doors and windows have become an ultimate choice for all the smart homemakers out there, these doors and windows are new but very popular in the market as these doors and windows have a lot of advantages over the traditional doors and windows. These days almost everyone is choosing uPVC doors and windows as they have better durability, strength, and they also come in a very wide variety of designs.


Apart from being very durable and having a wide variety of designs to choose from, the main reason these windows become so popular in much less time is that they are very easy to maintain, and have very few maintenance costs. These doors and windows come in pre-defined styles and colours to match the interior which makes it easier for the consumer to just install these doors and windows and be at peace. There is no need for any additional paint on these doors and windows or any additional layer to protect them.


Talking about the maintenance of the uPVC doors and windows, here are some tips and tricks which would help you in maintaining your uPVC doors and windows in a batter and efficient manner.


1:- If you make up your mind to install uPVC doors and windows at your place it is recommended that the uPVC window and door frame should be cleaned at least twice a year, depending on the levels of dust and pollution in your neighbourhood. To clean the frames of these doors and windows one should begin with using a simple dusting brush and wiping off all the dust and dirt on the frames and then use a vacuum cleaner to clear it all away.

While cleaning the frames of these doors and windows one should pay some extra attention to the corners and crevices which might have a bigger chunk of dirt stuck. Follow that by using a damp, clean, and preferably uncoloured piece of cloth to clean the uPVC door and window frame thoroughly. If you want you can also mix in some cleaning liquid if required (it would not affect the colour and design of your door and window). All you need to do is ensure that you don’t leave any marks.

If the dirt is especially stubborn, you can also get a PVC cleaner from any local store, but be careful while using it as it may adversely affect the silicone seals.


2:- After the frames, you need to ponder upon the glass in the windows and doors of these uPVC doors and windows. The glass of your uPVC doors and windows is advised to be cleaned between four to eight times a year. To clean the window glass, you must first give the glass a good rub with a damp cloth to get rid of excess dirt.

You can also use e-cloths to clean window glass. E-cloths come in a package of two pieces of cloth – one for cleaning and the other for drying, so as to give the glass a perfect and uniform shine.


3:- The hinges, door handles, and locking system are also very important to clean for proper and smooth functioning of the uPVC doors and windows. Just like the frames and glass of these doors and windows these moving parts also need very little maintenance. All you need to do is oil them from time to time so that they keep on functioning properly. 


These were some of the ways one should prefer to maintain their uPVC doors and windows. Although they need very little maintenance and have absolutely no maintenance cost, it also depends on your neighbourhood conditions especially if you live in mega metro cities where dust pollution is at its peak.