Promiplast’s uPVC Windows in Kolkata for High rise Buildings with Heavy Wind load resistance

Promiplast’s uPVC Windows in Kolkata for High rise Buildings with Heavy Wind load resistance

Did you also know that some window substances and designs are only appropriate for lower floors? You're probably asking why this is so. The wind capacity factor increases as a building's height increases. Wind load varies from level to level, and it is more dangerous on the upper stories.

The old-fashioned residential and commercial buildings only made it to the tenth floor. But today, everything has changed! As the height of the structures around us rises, the accessories, such as fenestration, must become lighter and more durable. Wind shear and adverse weather conditions necessitate stronger doors, windows, and railings.

Materials that are able to conduct electricity or expand out of size owing to moisture would not do well in today's globe, which is littered with high-rise buildings. A better answer is needed in modern structures, and it takes the form of uPVC Windows in Kolkata for High rise Buildings.

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, or uPVC, is a lightweight, tough, high-performance material with excellent insulating properties. If you're having problems with sloppy windows, it's time to consider a replacement and opt for uPVC Windows in Kolkata for High rise Buildings.

There are a number of unspoken advantages to uPVC Windows in Kolkata for High rise Buildings that allow them to protect your home from high wind gusts and thunderstorms.



The cornerstone of uPVC windows is high strength and durability, which allows them to remain unaffected by seasons and temperatures. These windows operate on the 'fit and forget' principle and require very little maintenance. Under adverse weather conditions, uPVC windows and doors do not fracture or flex, and their luster and finish last for years. Do you live near the water? Do you live in a high-rise structure that is subjected to heavy winds? If so, uPVC buildings are suitable for you because they can tolerate high pressure without failing.


Because uPVC is such a simple material to work with, windows manufactured with it have great sealing properties. This feature is particularly advantageous because it prevents precipitation, dust, and debris from knocking on your door. uPVC windows also hold up well in dust storms, which are becoming more common these days. Because these materials are completely water-tight, you won't have to worry about rainfall getting stuck between the window joints, extending the life of your windows.


UPVC windows are very customizable, and steel or aluminum bars, often known as hurricane bars, can be added to the interior frames to enhance weather and storm resistance. Such hurricane bars are strong and can withstand winds of up to 250 km/hr. Furthermore, the flexibility of uPVC frame designs allows for various seals to prevent air and water penetration.



While this benefit isn't directly related to breeze and weather protection, it's nevertheless worth mentioning. uPVC windows do not assist ignition and do not catch fire in the terrible case of a fire. These structures, unlike several other materials, are poor conductors of both heat and electricity. This benefit is also one of the reasons why uPVC windows provide exceptional thermal comfort and efficiency.

Windows and Doors Made with Termite-Proof uPVC


Termite-resistant uPVC casement doors and windows are available, as well as every other type. Unlike hardwood doors and windows, uPVC profiles are unaffected by termites during in the wet season. In addition, these profiles include built-in netting to keep insects out of your home. Meanwhile, make sure your home is very well circulated.

With uPVC, inflation and distortion are not an issue.


Over wood, you need to use uPVC profiles. uPVC windows and doors are a wonderful choice since they do not bloat or distort during the rainy season. These profiles also ensure that no gaps exist and that proper sealing is achieved. Rainwater is kept out of your home and does not cause harm to uPVC windows and doors.

In India, wind speeds are substantially higher than in other parts of the globe (see map). Wind speeds of up to 250 km/ph have been recorded along the coast, in both the eastern and western sections of the country, equating to 3100 Pascal wind loads. In high-rise structures, it gets even worse. In the top levels of a tall building, what appears to be a gentle wind on the bottom floor becomes a gale force. Traditional doors and windows rattle and whistle in these situations. In the end, if you're seeking a comprehensive answer to your fenestration problems, uPVC windows are the way to go. uPVC Windows in Kolkata for High rise Buildings not only provide superior safety and protection for your home, but they also look wonderful and come in a variety of colors and designs. These constructions are environmentally beneficial and protect your home safe from pollution, which is a major problem these days. Steel reinforcements are built into the UPVC frame from the inside out, giving all panels and sashes a strong appearance. The only windows and door company in the nation that customizes each product to the specific wind loads it will face.