Now Sleep peacefully in Kolkata after installing Promiplast's Noise insulation uPVC windows

Now Sleep peacefully in Kolkata after installing Promiplast's Noise insulation uPVC windows

Yes, you have made the right choice! Choosing uPVC doors over the traditional wooden ones is very necessary for modern homes these days. uPVC doors come as a full package for your doors and windows, be it style, texture, quality, or its uses, everything is top-notch when it comes to uPVC doors

Installing quality fittings such as doors and windows are among the most important architectural features in your home. All the stylish and practical windows do not only contribute to leveraging the visual appeal of your interior decor, but they are also eye-catching and might attract a lot of guests too!

uPVC doors and windows are the best-selling doors and windows in recent times and therefore many fake sellers are claiming to be genuine. One should be very careful of the fake seller and should keep in mind the points given below so that they can get all the benefits from the uPVC doors and windows they are planning to install at their adobe and save a decent amount of money too.


Kolkata is a very busy town, the honking of cars, the noise of the market everything just adds up to the headache level of any individual. But, with uPVC doors and windows, one can be sure that even after a tiring day one would get the most peaceful sleep in their homes because no matter how many dogs are barking or people are shouting near your house, almost no sound would cross your ears.


Before diving into the quality of insulation of these multipurpose uPVC doors and windows, let us look into what uPVC doors and windows are:


What are uPVC doors and windows?


uPVC, also known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, is a very low cost and low maintenance material that is used as a substitute for painted wood. These doors come in amazing designs which need no extra paint to be used over it saving the cost of paint to be applied over it.

uPVC is strong, stiff and durable plastic. It also provides a sturdy foundation for double glazed window and door units. The fact that it’s BPA-free also means that uPVC can be used in medical and dental equipment without the fear of contamination. uPVC is often used in dental retainers for its sturdy and non-toxic characteristics.

uPVC doors have a lot of advantages like:-


1:- uPVC doors and windows are your one solution to various problems. These doors and windows prevent the loss of both, noise and heat. uPVC doors and windows are completely insulated resulting in the prevention of heat or noise to travel.


2:- As mentioned, these doors would never need painting. uPVC doors and windows come in various designs which won’t need any paint to be applied over them. The fact that uPVC is impervious to annoying problems such as rust, rot and mould means that these window sills do not need to be cleaned often. Nor do they need to be coated with special substances to ward off bacterial growth or prevent chemical reactions from occurring, as with timber and aluminium profiles. All you need is a sponge and a bucket of warm, soapy water to remove dust and dirt!


3:- uPVC is the most cost-effective variant of doors and windows available in the market. They are very low priced as compared to timber or aluminium doors and windows. uPVC doors and windows have numerous advantages at a relatively cheaper price. They are one solution to almost all your problems regarding doors and windows i.e. styling, designs, material, additional costs, etc.


4:- Another advantage of uPVC doors and windows is that they have a life expectancy of more than 25 years. They are known to maintain their shine, gloss and colour for a very long time. All the uPVC doors and windows manufactured by Promiplast are made using the best quality material possible and thus, they offer more than any other uPVC doors and windows in terms of life expectancy.


5:- uPVC doors and windows also come with a multi-lock locking system that provides you with the utmost security. This multi-locking system helps you to sleep peacefully at night as you can be assured that no one would sneak into your adobe when you are asleep.


Apart from these benefits, the main benefit of uPVC doors and windows is that these doors and windows are insulated which make them soundproof and heatproof. The doors and windows do not let any sound or heat escape from your room or house. With uPVC doors and windows in your homes, you can be assured of getting the most peaceful and the calmest environment in your respective houses.

uPVC doors and windows are a fantastic insulator, assisting your overall window and door unit to keep your building cool in summer and warm in winter. uPVC profiles, unlike aluminium frames, do not conduct heat, therefore preventing high temperatures from entering your home in the hotter months. This means that your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to keep your building cool. When uPVC window frames are combined with double glazing, you may find that you barely need to switch on your AC system at all! uPVC window frames can dramatically reduce your electricity bill each quarter, which is good for both your wallet and the environment!



These were some of the advantages of uPVC doors and windows that help you sleep peacefully even in such a busy town as Kolkata is. After knowing about all these qualities and benifits of uPVc doors and windows, what are you waiting for?

Go grab the best style and design that suits your rooms and house.