Make your windows smarter with Promiplast's UPVC windows

Make your windows smarter with Promiplast's UPVC windows

Smart UPVC windows are providing homeowners with benefits they never imagined imaginable, similar to how smartphones enabled phones to have thousands of applications.

While UPVC Smart Windows do not yet have the ability to open and close on their own, they are quickly gaining popularity among homeowners and window installers.

So, why are they having such an impact on homes, what sets them apart from traditional windows, and how can installers profit?

This new technology comes with a slew of features and benefits, let just go over in detail.

- Installer settings

- Enhancements to security

- Advantages of conserving energy

Continue reading to learn more about Smart Windows and how they are changing the uPVC Promiplast business.

Enhancements to security

Window security has always been a major concern for homeowners when selecting uPVC windows, which is why uPVC manufacturers have spent so much time and effort improving the security of their products to relieve the minds of millions of homeowners.

When a window is secured, it stays closed thanks to high-quality mechanics and an 8-point locking mechanism, but there's nothing the manufacturer can do about a window that has been left open by accident. That is where Smart UPVC Window technology comes into play. Smart Windows can provide homeowners with regular updates if they fail to lock or close their windows when they leave the house.

This has sparked a lot of interest in the UK market, not only because of the advantages the new technology provides to homeowners in terms of property maintenance, but also because they can monitor the security of their extended relatives' properties.



While the safety of one's own house is essential, some homeowners are also concerned about the safety of their relatives' or patients' dwellings, whether due to illness or old age.

One of the advantages of using smart technology is the ability to keep track of whether other people's windows are open or closed.

Family members and healthcare professionals may be immediately notified if an older relative or patient leaves a window open at night or forgets to lock it when they leave the house using Smart UPVC Window technology.

Because older individuals are more socially isolated than other members of society, studies have consistently demonstrated that they are more vulnerable to burglary and other crimes. Using smart technology to make the elderly and their houses less isolated is a fantastic start in the right direction.

Installer settings

Smart technology's ability to connect with a variety of window systems is something that uPVC installers like, as it means that they don't have to make a lot of changes to provide the new technology.

The external frame of the window stays unchanged, but the new technology is contained within the interior frame.

Installers won't need to undergo any extra training to provide the product, and they'll be able to continue to offer quality uPVC alongside the new technology.

Advantages of conserving energy

Along with security, the energy efficiency of windows has become a major factor in deciding whether or not to buy them.

Because of its enhanced thermal efficiency, uPVC has been a shining beacon in this sector for the past 30 years, but Smart Windows are now adding new benefits to the highly competitive problem.

Even if a property has double or triple glazing, leaving a window open during the winter can have a significant influence on heat retention. By allowing homeowners to check if their windows are open, closed, or locked using their smartphone, they can now monitor their home's thermal efficiency from away.

The ability for homeowners to keep an eye on their windows is a major improvement over the previous functionality. The energy efficiency of a home is usually determined by the smallest margins, from the amount of insulation in the roof to the number of air pockets in the windows, so the ability for homeowners to keep an eye on their windows is a major improvement over the previous functionality. Furthermore, because Smart Windows may be integrated with uPVC windows, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of smart technology without sacrificing the energy efficiency of uPVC.

Make your customer aware, that why is it necessary to match a window and door style to a home?

Some clients may already have a vision for their home. Others, on the other hand, will not, and will look to you for guidance. There are several reasons why it is critical to match a property's window and door styles. Kerb appeal is one topic worth mentioning. If the windows and doors do not match, the entire front of the building will appear out of order or odd. It is also a good idea to have a look at the other houses on the block and suggest that the customer's house match the rest of the neighbourhood's overall design. When it comes to maintaining the appearance of a specific region, this may be a controversial subject.

Another problem with mismatched designs for specific attributes is that materials may clash and giving the impression that something isn't done. It is suggested that you use the same material throughout and that you use complementing colours.

To summarise, it is suggested that you observe the rest of the street and choose a style that is roughly comparable to theirs. Similarly, it's crucial to inspect the house in question and make sure that any existing brickwork and windows and doors as well will blend in with the new ones.

Going Onward & upward

For years, the Promiplast business has been steadily progressing, and with the rising adoption of smart technology, it should come as no surprise that Smart Windows are the next step.

Promiplast is continuously on the lookout for innovations that both customers and installers demand, and with continual trade support, they are able to keep installers ahead of market trends and at the forefront of the double-glazing business.

Contact the customer support staff for any more information. They would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about Smart UPVC Window technology.