Living In Kolkata? Consider Switching To UPVC Windows

Living In Kolkata? Consider Switching To UPVC Windows

Kolkata is surely the 'city of joy', always hustling and bustling with crowded markets and blaring traffic that never seems to take a break. The city of joy often deals with great pollution level, which has been rising at alarming rates over the years. Living in Kolkata is a beautiful experience on its own, however, it can also be highly challenging if you happen to live in a crowded city and your home and living spaces are not equipped to deal with the intrusive noise, the weather or pollution. The windows are a highly important element of our homes and living spaces and can often act as a gateway to all the complications of living in the city, leaving a negative impact on the quality of life you lead. The traditional windows made up of wood or metal are not designed or manufactured to deal with the problems and can certainly not help you improve the quality of your life and keep your loved ones protected. The modern and efficient UPVC windows, on the other hand, are equipped with the latest technology and are capable of keeping the intrusive outside world and the associated problems, out of your windows. Therefore, if you are living in Kolkata, here are the reasons why you should consider switching to UPVC windows and installing them in your home:

Why You Should Consider Switching To UPVC Windows

  • Stop The Intrusive Noise

A quiet and peaceful solitude where you can celebrate your 'me time' or enjoy some quality time with your family and loved ones is surely a luxury and gets highly challenging if you are living in Kolkata. The traffic or the crowded markets never seem to slow down. The deafening noise coming out of your windows can certainly disrupt your quality of life. The rising noise pollution in Kolkata is certainly a matter of concern and can leave a long term impact on the health and the wellness of you and your loved ones. The elderly, children, patients and pets are highly vulnerable to noise pollution and it can surely deteriorate their well being. The traditional windows are not equipped with noise-cancelling technology and thereby, fail to protect your home against it. Promiplast introduces you to UPVC windows that can certainly present you with a quiet and comfortable living space as they are equipped with the latest noise-cancelling technology that reduces intrusive noise up to 40db, enabling you to live a healthy life. This is one of the main reasons why you should consider switching to UPVC windows.

  • A Cozy Living Space



The traditional windows, made up of wood and metal are often limited to the basic features of ventilation and lighting and are not capable of regulating and controlling the environment or the atmosphere of your living space. They cannot trap the heat in, during the cold and chilly winters or keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot and humid summer season of Kolkata. Promiplast UPVC windows are highly responsive and intuitive to your needs and can certainly adjust according to the changing climate and weather outside your living space and present you with a comfortable home and living space.

  • Weather Resistant And Low Maintenance Costs

Kolkata has an extremely hot and humid climate and it can certainly weigh heavy on the traditional wooden or metal windows. Chipping, discolouration patches, fading, cracks and holes are some of the damages that can heavily impact your windows and weigh the appearance of your living space down, destroying its performance at the same time. Wooden or metal windows are not equipped to withstand UV damage and water damage. The maintenance costs of the traditional windows are high and can surely burn a hole in your pocket, quickly draining you out of resources. Promiplast presents you UPVC windows that are equipped with Polyurethane and are capable of withstanding the harsh and humid climate of Kolkata.  Our UPVC windows are not damaged with prolonged water and sunlight exposure and you would not be required to spend a massive amount for their maintenance, unlike traditional windows. This is another reason why people in Kolkata are considering switching to UPVC windows.

  • A Wide Range Of Options

Promiplast presents high quality, reliable and sturdy UPVC windows with a wide range of options for you to choose from! The UPVC windows can easily blend in with your living space and enhance the overall appearance and decor of your home. Our UPVC windows are manufactured with high-quality materials and offer you 20 years of guarantee!

Here are the 4 reasons why you should consider replacing your traditional windows and switching to UPVC windows by Promiplast. We not only help you save your resources in the long term but we are also dedicated to gifting you with a comfortable, healthy and serene life. Reach out to us today!