Important Features of uPVC Sliding Doors

Important Features of uPVC Sliding Doors

The doors installed at your house usually face a great amount of wear and tear. There are many doors whose colouring and finish fade away with time, making them look mundane and dull. To avoid such an eventuality, it is recommendable to purchase doors that are of high quality and have the ability to withstand rigorous wear and tear. According to many modern home decorators and architects, the best quality doors found today are made up of Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC.

uPVC is a sturdy and lightweight material that is quite extensively used in the modern construction industry nowadays. uPVC basically is the typical PVC, but without any plasticizers. Plasticizers diminish the overall quality of polyvinyl chloride, subsequently making it more pliable and softer. As a result, uPVC tends to be much more durable, sturdy, and rigid than PVC. The doors made from uPVC have the capacity to withstand everyday wear and tear, yet retain their perfect appearance for years without any expensive maintenance requirements.

Here are a few of the important characteristics of uPVC doors:

  • Durability: uPVC doors are extremely hard-wearing, and tend to be quite resistant to the problems of scratches, dents, and abrasions. These doors are usually resistant to diverse moisture and water-related damage as well. Hence, they do not suffer from flaking, warping, and corroding during the rainy season or monsoon months. Such problems are extremely common in the traditional wooden doors.
  • Attractive: uPVC doors can be availed in a spectrum of designs, colours, and shades from our renowned uPVC door suppliers in Kolkata. Therefore, you can easily find perfect uPVC doors for your home that looks impeccable with the decor and designing theme. Installing well-designed and sophisticated uPVC doors at home can go a long way in augmenting its curb appeal.
  • Insulation: uPVC doors are best known for providing incredible insulation against pollution, heat, and noise. As a result, these doors can help in keeping the indoor environment of your home absolutely clean, comfortable, and tranquil. These doors can also help in increasing the energy efficiency of a building by keeping its interiors warm during winters and cool during summers.

Many high-quality doors made up of uPVC also feature toughened glass and multi-lock points that improve the security factor of a house to a large extent.

Replacing traditional hinged doors with uPVC sliding doors is a smart move. Not only are they sleek, but also make your property space-saving. They can be handled effortlessly, and maximize security as well. Moreover, they are environment-friendly and cost-effective. Some of the biggest benefits of installing sliding doors include:

  • they offer uninterrupted outside views;
  • they’re durable and sturdy;
  • they’re easy to operate;
  • they’re versatile; and
  • they can be used in offices, homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

When purchasing a sliding door, you can rely on our sliding door manufacturers in Kolkata that guarantee safety and durability. Promiplast is one of biggest names among uPVC door suppliers in Kolkata, serving our delightful clients since 2016. Our products are designed keeping EN12608-1:2016 standards intact, and blended with modern technology and premium designs. We focus on delivering the highest quality uPVC windows and doors to our clients.