How To Take Care Of Your Windows And Doors In Monsoon?

How To Take Care Of Your Windows And Doors In Monsoon?

The monsoon season brings in a lot of happiness with the majestic grey clouds and soothing showers. It is blissful to watch the rains silently pouring in out of your windows, through the comfort of your home. Keeping all the bliss and cosiness aside, the monsoons often bring a lot of damage with them, as well. Our apartments and homes are exposed to fungi, moulds, dampness, water build up, cracks and whatnot during this season. In the midst of taking care of our fixtures and furniture, walls and decorations, we often forget to pay attention to the other elements of our living space. The doors and windows of our homes are often forgotten and neglected, yet they are also equally vulnerable and exposed to the wrath of the monsoon season. Our doors and windows require care as they are also prone to heavy damages during this humid season. Failing to take care of the windows and doors can not only weigh down the entire appearance of your home but the damages can also burn a hole in your pocket. The repairs and replacements can cost you heavily and demand a big investment from your end. Care and precautions can help you steer clear out of this expense and can keep your home looking fresh, neat and tidy. Here are the ways to take care of your doors and windows in the monsoon:

Ways To Take Care Of Your Doors And Windows In Monsoon

  • Inspect And Look Around

A lot of damage can be stopped beforehand if you pay attention and carefully inspect your doors and windows before the rainy season arrives. We often end up neglecting the doors and the windows of our homes. Existing damage on your doors and windows can rapidly deteriorate and turn worse in the rainy season. This can not only weigh down the appearance of your home and living spaces but it can also be harmful to your health. Needless to mention, the repairs and the replacements can cost you heavily, burning a hole in your pocket.

Therefore, it is advisable to look for damages beforehand and fix them before they turn into bigger problems during the rainy season. It is important for you to look around for cracks, chipping paints, holes, possible infestations, discolouration, faded paint etc. on your doors and windows. Keeping an eye out and fixing these minor problem areas on your door and windows can help you save your resources in the long run and keep your living spaces looking crisp and beautiful, even in the rainy season. 

  • Look Out For Rusting

Corrosion and rusting of the fixtures, windows and doors are highly common during the monsoons. They can heavily deteriorate your doors and windows, decreasing their efficiency and performance in the long run. Rusting can get worse if left unchecked during the rains and storms, this can certainly set you up for heavy repairs and investments later. In order to avoid rusting and corrosion, make sure your fixtures, doors and windows are treated and protected beforehand. Keep an eye out for rusting after the rains and storms as well, this will help you fix and take care of the minor damages, avoiding the major ones in the long run.

  • Care For Wooden Windows And Doors

Wooden doors and windows surely add a vintage and sophisticated charm into the decorations of your house. However, wooden fixtures, doors and windows are often prone to heavy damages, especially during the monsoon. Your warm and sophisticated decoration and appearance of your house can quickly turn into a soggy, broken and deteriorating state if you leave your wooden windows and doors unchecked and untreated in the monsoon season. Wooden doors and windows demand extra attention and care, as they are highly fragile in nature. However, proper care and precautions can leave your windows and doors intact in an attractive condition and as good as new ones. Make sure you look out for imperfections, fading, chipping corners, holes, discolourations, moulds and fungi on your wooden doors and windows. Checking and protecting them beforehand will help you save your efforts and resources in the long run. It is advisable to use quality and proper treatments and polishes before the monsoons arrive, as it will help increase the longevity of your wooden windows and doors.

  • Polish, Sealants And Waterproofing Treatments

Taking care of your windows and doors beforehand can save you a lot of effort, time and resources and can keep you without worries. This will keep your home neat and efficient throughout the monsoons and your fixtures are more likely to retain little to no damage. Whether you have an old and classic wooden door and windows, or the modern and heavy metallic ones that add an oomph factor to your home, you can easily find polishes, lubricants and appropriate waterproofing treatments to save your windows and doors from water damage. These treatments and products will help you deal with the monsoons in peace and keep the quality of your doors and windows intact.

  • UPVC Doors, Windows And Aftercare

Inspecting your doors and windows after every rain and storm is necessary. You can avoid further damages by keeping an eye out for leaks, stains, broken edges and ill fittings of your windows and doors. Installing quality and innovative UPVC doors and windows can help you tackle the damages that monsoon season comes with. It will also help you save your time, efforts and resources, in the long run, enhancing the decorations and the interiors of your house on the other hand.

Here are the 5 ways to take care of your doors and windows in the monsoon and ensure your living spaces remain protected and beautiful throughout the monsoon season. These tips will not only present you with cleaner and protected living spaces but will also help you save your resources in the long run, maintaining the efficiency of your doors and windows and saving you from the hassle of repairs and replacements.