For our homes or offices, any space we live work in, we want it to be aesthetically pleasing and appealing. The one aspect people often forget is the windows and doors of the space. Windows are a very integral part of the space. It provides ventilation, good views and fresh air. Normally people leave it to the designers how to design it or keep it as it is as the builder provides them.


People who have deep knowledge in the types of windows available know that one type is UPVC windows and analyse the cost factor of it’s usage. UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, a polymer that has been used in the development of windows and doors from the early 90’s era. UPVC windows are some of the best windows available in the market. It can go well with traditional wooden frames and they come in variety of designs and sizes.


There are many advantages of UPVC windows. They are cost efficient and saves up to 30% of your electricity bills, cuts sound and make space noise proof and are UV resistant. They also provide wind insulation benefit when there are gusty winds, controls climate that is keep warm in winters and cool in summers. They are waterproof and keep bugs and insects out also being winter sealed that is maintain climate according to the season.


People or designers who are willing to install these UPVC windows can get those from Promiplast UPVC windows system technology. It has started in 2016 with large capacity and latest technologies. UPVC profiles available with Promiplast are UV resistant and have all wanted mechanical properties. These profiles are specified by EN12608-1:2016 standards. The UPVC windows are highly innovative panels, durable and with highest quality standards. All these features are provided by Promiplast windows. But people also look at the more functional aspect of UPVC windows and analyse the cost factor.




This is an important aspect people look for while installing UPVC windows. Windows occupy a good amount of wall space in your spaces. Poor windows affect your heating and cooling quotient which ultimately results in higher costs of electricity.


1.Saves your electricity bill – When people look at UPVC windows and analyse the cost factor they realize it is budget friendly in the longer run of usage. The UPVC window systems that Promiplast provides have highest thermal efficiency properties that gives larger surface area for windows and ultimately providing larger views of the surroundings. These window systems drastically reduce electricity bills. Promiplast window systems also takes care of environment by reducing carbon footprint to minimum level.


2.UPVC windows come in various pre-designs and styles – While looking for options of UPVC windows and analyse the cost factor of them, you will notice that it comes with it’s own frames and style equipment. The extra cost of traditional painting, fitting and furnishing will be saved making it budget friendly. They have a low maintenance cost and are long lasting.


3.UPVC windows are durable in the long run – They have highest quality of standards. They are highly insulated and resistant. They are made with ultra-modern technology and are highly efficient. They do not rust and have qualities that maintain their life in any weather condition. Their longevity is much higher than traditional windows made of wood or aluminum. After seeing this aspect of UPVC windows and analyse the cost factor, it is budget friendly in the longer run usage. It’s durability and quality is what makes it cost friendly after a span of time.


4.UPVC windows are energy efficient – One of the most crucial factor to look for in today’s times is energy conservation in any industry. UPVC windows are highly energy efficient because they conserve heat to the maximum level. They do not allow heat to pass to pass through. They are made up of highly insulated materials which prevent the heat loss of any kind. This is very vital and important and people need this type of conservation as we are moving towards more conscious greener future. UPVC windows consume a considerable amount of less energy while heating or while cooling. This factor helps in drastic reduction of energy costs in our homes and offices. This is the most important factor to look for after you understand the working of UPVC windows and analyse the cost factor.


Apart from all these aspects, UPVC windows are very much safe and secure which provides higher safety as they are made up of high quality material. This will help keep unwanted intruders at bay which is essential. Also look wise, UPVC windows have a sturdy and steady look which goes well with other aesthetics of the space. They really blend well into your space. And last but not the least UPVC windows comes at a very affordable rates with variety of designs to choose from. So, they make your space look stylish with pocket friendly price.