Get protected from UV rays with Promiplast's upvc windows| Best uPVC window supplier in Kolkata

Get protected from UV rays with Promiplast's upvc windows| Best uPVC window supplier in Kolkata

Ultraviolet is an electromagnetic wavelength that You cannot see with bare eyes but it can damage skin, eyes, and hair and even bring cancer. Uv rays come from sunlight and Excessive exposure to UV radiation could lead from something as simple as a skin burn to a very serious issue like skin cancer. As a result, nobody wants to die from skin cancer. Finding a permanent solution should be necessary. Now you can Get protected from UV rays with Promiplast's upvc windows.


The sunlight which comes from your window , should be protective. For example, most of the sunlight that enters your house comes through your doors & windows & sunlight is the major contributor to UV radiation. That’s why getting a window/door which protects you from the harmful UV Rays is not such a bad idea.


Promiplast has a wide range of uPVC windows. These windows have a component that will be added to their original raw material in proportion to it, called titanium dioxide, which provides doors & windows an excellent white finishing. That not only gives sturdiness but also saves us from harmful UV radiation. Now that we know what type of windows save you from UV radiation, It’s about time that you know where to buy them. If you are planning to keep your loved one safe, then move on with promiplast upvc windows. You can get high security, less maintenance, and Get protected from UV rays with Promiplast's upvc windows.


Here are some top reason people are choosing promiplast uPVC windows-


  • UV protection - in harsh weather conditions, they can easily prevent UV rays from coming into your house. They are perfect for Indian weather conditions. Maintaining a house is very important and difficult. Sometimes it becomes boring for Checking every corner of your house, then fix things, replace things, or else adjust the décor, and so on. You can easily Get protected from UV rays with Promiplast's upvc windows.

In the modern lifestyle, we got blessed by upvc windows and doors. The unique material added to upvc makes them long-lasting and maintains their beauty. The protective coating on the top of the window frame protects the home from UV radiation and also keeps them as good as new for a long period of time.

The upvc window and doors have excellent weather-bearing capacity. They can survive in any weather condition. Some may say that they get melts as they are made of plastic but this theory is completely wrong! 

They block hot weather and even harmful UV rays. They do not get fade through time. Now you can Get protected from UV rays with Promiplast's upvc windows.


  • Low maintenance -

 Wooden windows require regular maintenance to prevent rust or rot. You need to have them checked regularly and repaired so it does not get damaged. Even sometimes, You will need to paint them, since, during monsoon weather and cold weather, the paint will blister. On the other hand, the upvc requires very low maintenance and will look brand new for a very long time. Upvc windows are also easy to clean, so you can easily clean it with a damp rug or cotton cloth.



  • Sound Proof property – 

There is only one way you can prevent unnecessary loud noise by installing a soundproof window. Promiplast offers soundproof windows that are energy efficient, durable, and weatherproof as well. Your home should be a peaceful place where you can comfortably rest, and therefore soundproofing is very important. These Soundproof Windows are installed into your existing Window openings, with no construction or alteration to the current Window required. The double-glazed feature reduces the noise by up to 90 %. With a soundproof window, you can get deep sleep and increase the quality of your life. Once you have installed it, you won't regret it later.


  • Durable - 

Upvc windows and doors are extremely resistant to high temperatures, strong winds, heavy rainfall, and other climatic conditions. That's why it makes them the ideal choice for any household or commercial space. This strength of a uPVC window comes from using high-quality raw materials, which makes them strong and highly stable. No salt water or moisture can damage the frames. As a result, they long last for years. That not only gives sturdiness but also saves us from harmful UV radiation. The reinforcement of steel in Upvc doors & windows also helps to control the expansion rate and gives sturdiness and thickness to a window. Popular window manufacturing companies use stainless steel which gives excellent security. The reinforcement needs larger windows and especially for those who have a house in a coastal area or mountain area where exposure of winds is strong.


  • Environment friendly-

  Promiplast does not use plastic for their window. They mostly use polycarbonate plastic. The same material utilized in eyeglasses and known for durability and clarity. Polycarbonate plastic or polyvinyl chloride is used for making uPVC windows. They are Shatter-resistant and light-weight, the uPVC product has low thermal conductivity, as a result, they are excellent at reducing heat and cooling costs though still providing protection against dangerous weather.

Research showed that uPVC window frames require 3 times less energy to manufacture than traditional aluminum window frames. Besides, their durability power is very high. They can last long up to 30 years if you maintain it correctly.


  • Energy efficient-

 The energy efficiency of a uPVC window is very high. The energy efficiency of uPVC windows and doors consumes less electricity which is employed to heat and funky a house which may help reduce the greenhouse emission by up to 80 %. Apart from that, the uPVC windows need very low maintenance and they eliminate the usage of paints, and stripper stains, which impact the air.


  • Insect proof-

  Termites and insects are not typically fond of uPVC windows. Just because uPVC is a synthetic product, that is why you don’t need any special precautions for insects.