Get better sleep with Sound proof upvc Windows | Promiplast best sound proof window supplier in Kolkata

Get better sleep with Sound proof upvc Windows | Promiplast best sound proof window supplier in Kolkata

Sound makes a great impact on our life. Sometimes all we want is to read a book or want to spend some peaceful time with our family but it does not happen due to outside noise. We all probably even experienced sleepless nights due to traffic noise.   That’s why Soundproof Windows are an essential solution to their home that not only block the effects of noise but also provide them with the great quality times one should deserve. For the people, who especially live in the city, near traffic areas, a soundproof window is a must for them.  By promiplast, you can Get better sleep with Soundproof upvc Windows.

By the world health organization, a study showed that some common environmental noises like cars and people make a negative impact on our overall health. There are links to cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in children and more. If the sound becomes excessive, you can even experience sleep deprivation. If you don’t get enough sleep, certain health issues comes up. You can get depression, moodiness, indigestion, or even cardio vascular diseases.


There is only one way you can prevent unnecessary loud noise by installing a soundproof window. Promiplast soundproof windows are energy efficient, durable and weatherproof as well. These Soundproof Windows are installed into your existing Window openings, with no construction or alteration to the current Window required. With a soundproof window you can get deep sleep and increase the quality of your life. Once you have installed it, you wont regret later.


Promiplast soundproof windows are designed for purpose such as ventilation, letting the UV rays and intruders away, but with the advancements in the upvc technology windows now have a wide range of advantages.

Promiplast has uniquely crafted soundproof windows and doors to help you restore your inner calm and reduce the disturbances of your mind to perform at its maximum capability. With these kinds of windows and doors, you can be awarded for being an excellent listener both by your people and your own inner thoughts. The soundproof upvc windows and doors are designed carefully to trap maximum noise in the houses, workplaces, recording studios, or traffic noise. With these windows and doors, your ambition is to start anything in your house without disturbing the neighbors.


  • Noise-proof benefits- the Promiplast soundproof windows are designed with special noise-resistant properties which reduce the noise. It has a double seal system which keeps the noise outside. The soundproof windows are also popular to be helpful during stormy weather, high wind load, and waters as they keep the noise outside and do not let the water come in as well. As a result, the soundproof windows typically help the residents of the house keep their blood pressure, sleep, and stress levels in control. 

Apart from the noise proof properties, it also has

  • Multi chambered- promiplast provides the multi-chambered upvc windows which are welded jointly to improve the overall sealing in your homes. You can get high security and Get better sleep with Soundproof upvc Windows.


  • Double glazed feature - the double-glazed feature is the gap between two glasses. The glasses are thick and laminated. The air between two glasses prevents dusty air, UV rays, and unnecessary sunlight and reduces the sound. During installation   to avoid unwanted gaps in the window frames and wall, there is use of silicone sealants and gaskets in the installation process. This keeps the whole area completely sealed and does not allow any noise or dirt to enter the house.



  • High-end security- promiplast gives excellent security in your house. This soundproof upvc window come with an additional feature of multi-point locking, they do not just improve the overall sealing but also enhance the sound and thermal insulation in homes. Get better sleep with Soundproof upvc Windows as It will help you sleep peacefully in your home without the fear of being robbed or hearing loud noises.


  • Energy efficient- promiplast upvc soundproof windows are highly energy efficient. First, they drastically reduce the amount of air infiltration into your home.

Second, they reduce the energy transferring from one place to another. They also block unwanted sunlight from entering your home.  Like, the normal windows, the warm air in your home escapes through the windows into the cold air outside, thus largely raising the price of your heating bill. That's another main reason for people moving into to a upvc window.


The option of double pane Windows further improves your Windows’ insulation. Another reason to choose energy-efficient Windows are they reduce the electric bills, all while helping the environment.


  • Low mentainanced - as they do not trap heavy dirt and dust, they are easy to maintain. Normal wooden windows need high maintenance as they cannot reduce the outside dust, thus it traps heavy dust, are not weatherproof, and as a result, the frames get easily damaged by rainwater. As keeping Windows clean probably isn’t very high on anyone’s list of enjoyable activities, this is a huge advantage for many homeowners, once they install the uPVC soundproof window.
  • Real estate value- if you want to sell your house which has pre-installed upvc window, then you can get higher real estate value of your home. When selling your home, it’s a huge value point to have Windows that eliminate sound, while also serving to reduce power bills. Investing in Soundproof Windows now can prove to be a worthy investment for the future.


We have discussed multiple benefits of using soundproof windows. if you are planning of installing soundproof uPVC windows in your house, choose promiplast, as they are one of the best soundproof window suppliers in Kolkata.  By promiplast, you can even Get better sleep with Soundproof uPVC Windows. The uPVC soundproof windows have the capability to cover all of your problems. Promiplast soundproof windows are designed for purposes such as ventilation and letting the UV rays and intruders away, but with the advancements in the uPVC technology windows now have a wide range of advantages.