Benefits of uPVC windows in terms of soundproofing | Promiplast Best soundproof window provider in Kolkata | best Sound proof windows in Kolkata

Benefits of uPVC windows in terms of soundproofing | Promiplast Best soundproof window provider in Kolkata | best Sound proof windows in Kolkata

In Kolkata, houses are at the mercy of the weather, experiencing above 60 percent energy loss through the window. But now, you can protect your home with energy-efficient window treatments that insulate throughout the year, no matter the temperature outside. If you are thinking about changing your old windows to a soundproof windows, then we have got you covered. Promiplast provides a wide range of Sound proof windows in kolkata there are so many Benefits of promiplast windows in terms of sound proofing.

Sometimes, when you are exhausted and need some rest, the music and loud conversations can be heard from your neighbor’s building and this can be disturbing. That's why, if you are someone who wants privacy, then you need to think about soundproofing your house. you can upgrade your house by installing a soundproof window. Installing soundproof windows in your building will prevent outside noise . as a result, it will enhance your privacy. So whether the noise is coming from inside or outside the house, it is always comforting to return to a quiet place and relax.

the promiplast soundproof Upvc windows are the perfect solution for every house-holds. they are becoming very popular day by day. They are energy efficient, in that they can provide a natural source of extra ventilation. Just because it’s based on PVC, this material’s leveraged through a unique formulation to prepare a special UPVC blend for windows.


Importance of having a soundproof window in your house –


Noise makes a great impact on our life. But in recent days, it has become a major problem for many households. Unnecessary outside noise, traffic sound, and incoming dust from your normal windows can badly affect your health. so, the soundproof window can help you deal with such problems in a highly effective manner and improve your daily lifestyle. here is the reason why you need soundproof windows and doors in your home and the ways it can highly benefit you and your loved one. The quietness and peace do not come easily if you are living in a high-traffic area. the horns and the honking vehicles are a nuisance that can distract your focus and leave you tired and depressed. Noise pollution is becoming a major problem and it physically impacts our health and ruins our daily life and lose out on precious moments and quality times with our family with the constant outsider noise. apart from that, If you have children or any kind of pets in your home, then you should change your old regular windows to soundproof windows.

Promiplast window makes sure you and your family get to lead a good and quality life, the way you want.


Before installing any window in your house, make sure the company is well known and trustworthy. Promiplast offers the best Sound proof windows in kolkata. If you live in Kolkata, then go for this company.


Benefits of soundproof window –



  1. The first and foremost reason for using promiplast soundproof window- it reduces noise up to 90 percent. The soundproof window block and protect your house from unwanted external noise. Promiplast offers the best Sound proof windows in Kolkata. The window is made with modern efficient technology and hardware that protects your living space from all the unnecessary noise. You will not be affected by traffic noise. 


  1. They are waterproof, so there is no need for paint-removing products, which makes them very easy to maintain. These windows have a high-quality finish and are available in different kinds of styles and designs, which makes them costlier than any other aluminum / wooden window frame. Apart from that, they do not trap heat. As a result, they are excellent for homes in warmer climate areas.



  1. Promiplast offers the best Sound proof windows in Kolkata and their soundproof windows are very energy efficient. that’s because these kinds of windows are better quality than any other wooden windows. With this window, the Wind drafts are reduced by 99%. Apart from that, the normal windows can not regulate the temperature and prevent dust. they work as an insulator, they are heat resistant and weatherproof. without any high maintenance, promiplast’s soundproof windows have the same material as uPVC windows thus, these windows retain their colors, strength, and functionality for a long time. They are not equipped with sensitivity and innovative tech. but the soundproof windows are made of special technologies which both prevent the specks of dust and make your room comfortable.


  1. You don’t need any high maintenance for these windows. You can Thoroughly clean up any large spills by wiping them off with a cloth or towel. You can clean and polish it with a damp rag without using any kind of cleaning product. These windows prevent Less dust, dirt, sound, and moisture enters your home. they are very much light weighted.