Benefits of upvc windows in monsoon 2022? | Promiplast Best upvc windows supplier in Kolkata

Benefits of upvc windows in monsoon 2022? | Promiplast Best upvc windows supplier in Kolkata

We breathe a sigh of relief from the summer heat as the season changes and we welcome the rains! Our heat problems are being washed away by the rains. However, along with the fresh downpour, rains bring with them a slew of home-related issues, particularly with house furnishings and fittings. The windows are one of the key sections of our home that is most affected. The harsh climatic conditions in India frequently result in corroded, warped/faded, and termite-infested windows. As a result, homeowners are forced to participate in costly and frequent renovations.

Using the appropriate window materials might assist you in keeping the monsoon gloom at bay. The use of lead-free uPVC profiles in the manufacture of windows is one of the most common options.

We all appreciate a nice breeze in the summer and spring, but in the monsoon or winter, we scarcely keep our windows and doors open since no one wants to come home to a wet and stinky house. Does a regular wood or aluminum window, on the other hand, keep your home weather-tight?

Regrettably, no, but we have created and built windows and doors that can withstand even the most severe hurricanes and storms. The main reason for weather sealing or using weatherproof uPVC Windows in your house is to keep water out.


Let’s look at the benefits of UPVC windows in Monsoon 2022:



All uPVC windows and doors are made with the most up-to-date compositions that are lead-free and allow for weatherproofing. Whether it's a cyclone, torrential rainfall, or high-speed windows, we've got you protected now. Our uPVC doors and windows have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are trustworthy and long-lasting weatherproofing windows.


Resistance to corrosion and saline water:


Because uPVC profiles are water-resistant (as opposed to traditional wooden windows), they do not corrode, rust, or decay when exposed to rainwater directly. The demand for such profiles is extremely high, particularly in coastal areas. Water streaming in through windows during the rain is not a pleasant condition. uPVC windows and doors, on the other hand, are impervious to heavy tropical rainfall.


Reduce noise from the outside:


Another distinguishing aspect of uPVC profiles is that they considerably decrease outside noise. Windows built of uPVC profiles can minimize outside noise by up to 40dB with multiple glazing options. Outside noise from traffic and industrial units is reduced, making the property quiet and tranquil for the family.

There Will Be No Leakage:


uPVC door or window profiles are designed to be 100 percent water-tight, ensuring zero seepage and safeguarding not only your windows but also your lovely walls. uPVC windows prevent water from seeping in and are thus a more cost-effective option for windows.


Termites aren’t a problem:


Termite infestation is the most perplexing issue that homeowners encounter during the monsoon or immediately following the monsoon break. This is especially frequent with wooden windows. On the plus side, uPVC windows are not prone to termite infection, making them a popular window option.

Longevity and durability:


uPVC door or window will not rust, corrode, or warp and will keep their shape, size, color, and gloss for many years. Indeed, reputable manufacturers provide a ten-year warranty on windows manufactured using their uPVC profiles.


Keeping insects at bay:


Monsoons, of course, bring with them a slew of insects, particularly mosquitoes. While insect mesh can be installed in any type of window, uPVC profiles are the easiest to install and maintain. There are several customizing possibilities available, as well as neat and tidy styles.


Above were some benefits of UPVC windows in 2022. These uPVC doors and windows not only protect your home from the elements, but also add a touch of style with a variety of frame styles, colors, laminations, hardware, and other options.


Invest in uPVC profiles today to keep your monsoon woes at bay. Makes use of the Benefits of UPVC windows in Monsoon 2022 . These window frames are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for high-quality, low-maintenance, and affordable window solutions. Without caring about anything else, enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of the rain!

The following are some of the items that will keep your home dry and fresh:



Gaskets are a component of uPVC windows that hold the panes in place and prevent water from leaking in during inclement weather.

The sliding mechanism, on the other hand, uses a wool pile instead of a weather gasket. This is to avoid the friction of the gasket, which would prevent the rollers in the sliders from sliding smoothly, but it has fins that are just as effective as weather gaskets.


 Silicon-based weather sealants are used to maintain the gap between the frame and the wall airtight and prevent water from entering the room during the installation of uPVC Windows.


It’ll be nothing short of a nightmare if the sealant fails. Water will leak in from all sides of the door and window, slowly but surely killing the uPVC door or window.

Hurricane bar and reinforcements

These may not appear to have much to do with water tightness, but they are really vital.

When a powerful cyclone strikes the town, the accompanying wind load plays a key part in allowing water to break through your windows.