Beauty and all-weather protection assurance from Promiplast UPVC Windows and Doors system.

Beauty and all-weather protection assurance from Promiplast UPVC Windows and Doors system.

UPVC Windows Doors are now enhancing to beauty and utility aspects of modern homemaking and building. UPVC Doors and Windows made and fitted by a branded Kolkata best company like Promiplast can make multiple differences. You may save up to 30% on your energy bills with UPVC Doors and Windows. Noise-proof uPVC Windows and doors assure a Quiet Life by avoiding unwanted noise up to 40db. These are effective for UV Resistance and Wind Insulation. You can reduce heating costs and air-conditioning costs by proper climate control. Promiplast UPVC windows and doors are constructed with the highest precision for proper Waterproofing, Winter Sealing, and Keep Bugs Out. All these factors lead us to the Promiplast UPVC Windows and Doors system, the best in Kolkata at present.

Who are we?

Promiplast Windows & Doors system is a top-rated Kolkata-based UPVC production and fitting house since 2016. Our factory is the most modern and innovative place to supply with all the traditional and customized needs of our clients. If you are looking for a top-class Branded uPVC Dealers and Manufacturers in Kolkata, Promiplast is your destination. We deal in:


Why should you replace old and traditional windows and Doors with UPVC Windows and Doors?

UPVC Windows and Doors are fitted with precision and the durability factor is mind-blowing. If you want to combine aesthetic and long-lasting aspects in your dream home, be it an old or a new one, immediately come in touch with Promiplast experts. We know the mind and aspirations of a new generation of homemakers. Once get your home fitted with Promiplast UPVC Windows and Doors System and forget about the hazards of regular maintenance. The transparent ambience is best preserved by the Promiplast system. Our years of experience, an increasing number of satisfied customers and big projects speak volume for us. We try to make the ordered design even better for your satisfaction while delivering finally. Cost-effective and timely supply and fitting are our specialties.

Contact with Promiplast, the topmost branded UPVC Windows Doors Dealer and Manufacturer in Kolkata

It is time to take a positive call! Select the best brand for UPVC Windows Doors Dealer and Manufacturer in Kolkata. Feel free to call Promiplast now. Visit our website for more details.