10 reasons to choose uPVC Windows & Doors Promiplast

10 reasons to choose uPVC Windows & Doors Promiplast

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a hard plastic material that is commonly used in windows and doors. Pollution, moisture, corrosion, and mould are all resistant to the material. As a result, uPVC windows are a more durable option than wood and aluminium windows. To make uPVC profiles, it is heated to a high temperature before being injected into a mould. Several cooling methods are used to shape the heated substance. Premium quality at a reasonable price – that’s what uPVC windows and doors are all about! Some of the reasons to choose uPVC Windows and Doors are uncommon architectural elements that provide durability, energy efficiency, high-quality insulation, and, best of all, low-maintenance requirements. Other reasons to choose uPVC Windows and Doors are:

  1. Personalizable

Most UPVC windows, doors, and external fascias are typically white. However, advancements in the production process have resulted in homeowners being able to choose from a variety of customisable shapes, styles, and imitation impacts such as wood grain.

Installation companies and manufacturers can now customise UPVC products to your exact specifications, ensuring that your windows and doors fit perfectly into your home or property.


  1. Safety

Any window or door setup must prioritise a property’s or home’s security. This is why UPVC outperforms expectations with an ultra-light yet durable frame that, when combined with various locking combinations and a double-glazed pane of glass, prevents an intruder from breaking in.

  1. Insulate

When it comes to new windows and doors, energy efficiency is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and the materials used will have an impact on the warmth and window energy rating of your home.

UPVC is a low conductor of heat, which means that when properly installed, it will form a closed air system, minimising heat loss experienced by non-insulating materials.


  1. Ease of Maintenance

Unlike natural materials, which require annual sanding, varnishing, and repainting, UPVC requires little maintenance. UPVC windows and doors can last for decades without showing signs of wear and tear; the only maintenance required is a clean wipe down with soapy water to prevent staining and remove grime or dirt.

  1. Longevity

The material is extremely tough, which means the frames can withstand the most extreme elements and are resistant to rot and corrosion, which is especially beneficial for properties near the sea, where high salt content can be a problem. The UPVC coating is also resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, which prevents the material from fading when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. This is one of the main reasons to choose uPVC windows & Doors.

  1. Air circulation

UPVC windows are available in a variety of window style configurations, allowing for an efficient ventilation system and effective airflow into a room. The ‘tilt and turn’ window configuration is an effective window configuration that consists of a two-window arrangement that can open in two separate directions, providing draft-free ventilation.


When the window is tilted inwards, hot air can escape through the top and side openings, while fully opening the window can quickly ventilate the atmosphere of an entire room, which is useful for cleaning or refreshing.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

UPVC windows have an average life span of 40-80 years and are made of mostly recyclable materials to have a low long-term impact on the environment.

When replacing old UPVC windows and doors, ask your installer if they will be disposed of properly so that the materials can be recycled and reused in other products such as pipes, plumbing fittings, and more.


  1.  Weatherproof

Weathering is a common issue with most materials used on the exterior of a home. UPVC windows and doors do not react with water or air and are not affected by natural elements, resulting in a longer life span with no signs of ageing and these are some of the reasons to choose uPVC windows & Doors.

While UPVC can withstand the elements and requires very little maintenance than naturally occurring counterpart timber, we recommend that any external UPVC installations, including soffits and facets, be maintained on a regular basis to ensure their longevity.


  1. Soundproofing

The UPVC material, in conjunction with the double-glazed window panels, helps to reduce the amount of noise that can enter your home. When compared to traditional counterparts, most UPVC windows and doors must reduce external noise by up to 50%.

  1.  Flame retardant

According to building codes, units and frames for windows and doors must be made of fire-rated materials to prevent external fire spread. UPVC is also a material that is required by building codes to adhere to the fire safety protocol, which means that it will keep the primary route open for 30 minutes in the event of a fire, thus making it a choice for doors and windows.