Inventa Sliding door system is ideal for properties where one side wall is replaced by window/door opening. unlike casement door, which can suffice up to 2200 mm opening, Inventa slider can handle large opening letting more air, sun, light to come inside

Inventa slider system is ideal for architecture which promotes more light and open space. Our 3 track 3 shutter or 3 track 6 shutters gives ample choice for architects. It can be used as large balcony door and Floor to ceiling windows.

Inventa Slding system can design a door with 2 track 2shutter with size of 1.6 X 2.1 meters for windlass of 1500 PA wind load resistance Any sizes bigger can be down with wind load resistance on the interlock section.

Typical sizes as per the hardware limitations are:

(Please Note the shutter weight along with glass, reinforcement & profile is a key factor for the hardware performance and needs to be consulted technical department of Promiplast)

Minimum Maximum
 Width Height Width Height
Window Size 1350 450 3600 2400
Sash size 450 450 1200 2400

All dimensions are in mm


  • Designed with maximum space for reinforcement supporting large sized windows/doors.
  • Can be used in hall and bedroom allowing space saving and 66% opening.


  • Aesthetics are judiciously designed to ensure strength and shine over double bevel.
  • Designed with minimum air leakage to prevent dust, noise and thermal leakage
  • Allows more light and better view with minimum vertical separator.
  • Strength of window is further enhanced with wind resistance booster bars to allow bigger size window to be made.

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